2022 Gasgoo Awards nominee: Sagittarius Platform Smart Cockpit Solutions from Shanghai Zkang Co., Ltd.

For the 2022 Gasgoo Awards, the Sagittarius Smart Cockpit Solutions platform from Shanghai Zkang Co., Ltd. applied for the top 100 players in China’s new automotive supply chain.

Photo credit: Shanghai Zkang Co., Ltd.

The description:

Shanghai Zhenkang intelligent cockpit solutions, including two-part “Sagittarius hardware platform” and “Scorpion software platform”.

Among them, the hardware is mainly the intelligent cockpit domain controller based on X9U series processors, which integrates high-performance CPU, GPU, AI accelerator and video processor. It can not only meet the increasing functional and performance requirements of the future intelligent cockpit for complex computing capability, rich multimedia processing capability and other functions. It can also take into account the need for automakers to reduce costs and increase efficiency.

2022 Gasgoo Awards nominee: Sagittarius Platform Smart Cockpit Solutions from Shanghai Zkang Co., Ltd.

Photo credit: Shanghai Zkang Co., Ltd.

The Scorpio software platform is independently developed by Shanghai Zhenkang, which is compatible with QNX, Linux, Android, FreeRTOS and other different system platforms, and can establish a seamless connection between data platforms through a extensive custom development.

Unique Benefits:

Platform compatibility and scalability

1) Multi-system compatibility, compatible with QNX, Linux, Android, FreeRTOS and other system platforms, and support cross-platform data interaction;

2) Expandable peripherals, which can drive up to 10 displays and 12 cameras at present, and will continue to expand peripheral capacity in the future.

Smarter, more fun voice assistants

1) Coordination and interaction of several vocal regions

Support independent voice recognition of main and rear drivers and multiple partitions, and support seamless communication between partitions, more in line with daily communication habits. Users only need to communicate according to their daily conversation habits, and the voice engine can automatically identify and judge the partition to which the user belongs and the object to communicate with, and actively recommend the corresponding services to the target object based on voice and intent. .

For example, during the driving process, the chief driver asks the co-driver to help set the destination by voice, and then the voice engine automatically switches to the co-driver. After the co-driver sets the destination by voice, the voice engine automatically returns the navigation to the chief driver and starts the navigation according to the pop-up dialogue scene.

2) A more accurate voice engine

Through the cloud voice service module developed by Shanghai Zhenkang, third-party voice providers can be connected seamlessly. According to the data analysis results of user portraits and vehicle portraits, Zhenkang Cloud will perform secondary analysis of user semantics, in order to obtain more accurate service recommendation.

For example: the user said I was hungry, in addition to the three-voice vendor comments on peripheral foods, Zhen Kang Cloud will be combined with a portrait analysis of the user’s eating habits, and combined with the current time and scene, so that the user can recommend more in line with the current demand for food.

3) More fun

In addition to the common VPA image, Shanghai Zhenkang has specially designed a set of voice assistant “nurseries” growth system, which will continue to grow with the use of users, constantly bringing users more new skills and fun.

Service engine based on man vehicle scenario

Through the ultimate cloud engine developed by Shanghai zhenkang, it can dynamically analyze the status of drivers and passengers, vehicle driving status, driving environment and other information in the vehicle in real time according to the actual vehicle usage situation. Through the calculation of real-time data and the combination of user portrait and vehicle portrait, it can comprehensively assess the current travel scene in multiple dimensions, and then recommend more accurate active services to users.

A rich interconnected ecosystem

Through Zhen Kang Cloud’s information source service module, the third-party CPSP can be adjusted and configured flexibly, so as to continuously provide richer content services to end users. At the same time, the in-depth cooperation between Shanghai Zhenkang and Tencent Auto Union, with the help of Tencent Internet, can further provide users with more diverse, intelligent and humanized ecological services.


With the software and hardware platform developed by Shanghai Zhenkang and the endcloud engine solution, it can provide richer ecological content and more accurate active recommendation services according to the different needs of different users before, during and after the trip. .

The use of smart car based on future scenarios, including integrates voice assistant, navigation, travel, entertainment and other intelligent entertainment scene functions, also integrates 360 panoramic images, DMS, OMS, CMS , DVR, APA and other advanced auxiliary driving functions, on the principle of ensuring the safety of users to travel, to provide users with a more personalized entertainment travel experience.


Based on the self-developed intelligent cockpit software and hardware platform, Shanghai zhenkang can be customized for mass production according to different customer needs. In the future, we will provide different smart cockpit solutions for different OEMs and customers through continuous OTA upgrade and update of iterative smart cockpit domain controllers. We are committed to creating the most innovative in-vehicle product services. At present, there are mass-produced cooperative models, which are expected to be launched in 2024.

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