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More Search LoginWelcome! Log in to your account your username your password forgot your password? Get Help Privacy Policy Password RecoveryRecover your passwordyour email addressA password will be sent to you by email.Science and Technology Updated: December 29, 20213 Innovative technologies that are changing Latin markets -american

Calimax, DIRECTV, Palace Resorts and Walmart are examples of how the region has accelerated its transformation with its own recipe that combines cloud, APIs and mobile. By STAFF TCRN December 29, 202150 ShareFacebook Twitter WhatsApp Linkedin Email to readCulture and lifestyle STAFF TCRN РDecember 29, 2021Costa Rica: The country without an army leading the war on climate change Culture and lifestyle STAFF TCRN РDecember 29, 2021 Christmas celebrations in Latin American countries and where does the tradition come from? News from the world H̩ctor M̩ndez РDecember 29, 2021 Costa Rica needs more human rights breakthroughs for Pura Vida indigenous peoples!

Calimax, DIRECTV, Palace Resorts and Walmart are examples of how the region has accelerated its transformation with its own recipe that combines cloud, APIs and mobile.

Avaya, a global leader in solutions to improve and simplify communications and collaboration, brought together 6,000 Latin American executives at its annual Avaya Engage 2021 virtual event, who shared examples from the present and the future of Business communications. Summarizing the company’s vision for customer outcomes, Avaya CEO Jim Chirico called the past 18 months “amazing.”

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“Latin America often looks for cutting edge solutions well ahead of other regions and we are seeing significant innovation in the region,” said Chirico. Latin America has been experiencing rapid digital transformation in key industries for several years, according to the leader, and this trend has accelerated significantly in recent months. “That’s why we keep implementing new solutions here, to meet the demands of our customers and partners,” he added.

According to Chirico, “An example of this is Calimax, a Mexican retail company, our first global implementation of Avaya OneCloud CCaaS (contact center as a service), which has seen its monthly sales over the internet using our channels. digital increase in more than 1,200% ”.

Chirico explained that although Avaya has been working for more than three years to deliver conversational artificial intelligence capabilities through APIs (programmable components), companies such as Calimax are giving new impetus to the digitization of transactions in Latin America with a difference with other regions: using WhatsApp to serve customers on their mobiles. Of the top 6 countries where customers prefer it, 5 are from Latin America, according to an Avaya survey.

Chirico explained that “Avaya technology offers the possibility of offering our customers the possibility of integrating with any artificial intelligence provider, be it Microsoft, Google, AWS or IBM, adding to our strategic alliances the ability to enrich solutions with ease and flexibility, which is really driving composable use cases, ”where companies innovate by combining software from different vendors.

Other companies, such as Walmart Mexico, have explained how they have moved from a traditional retail model to supporting door-to-door deliveries during the pandemic using the contact center.

DIRECTV explained how they moved quickly to seize the opportunity during the pandemic. They have huge contact centers in South America and they also explained how they have continued and accelerated their digital transformation during this time.

Palace Resorts, from the hospitality industry, showed how software enabled technology to be used during the pandemic and how they digitally transformed the business to take advantage of this opportunity. According to Avaya CMO Simon Harrison, the world has changed not only because of the pandemic , but it has evolved more in the past decade than in any of the previous ones. He said we are officially in a booming experience economy with great potential where the biggest challenge is in applications.

Harrison said Avaya provides the OneCloud artificial intelligence platform and delivers speed to drive value through existing applications that customers want. The great contribution of Calimax and other customers in Latin America is that it is a platform offered “as a service” in the cloud. Thus, Avaya helps companies around the world to create experiences, to become a composable company based on this technology.

Consulting firm Gartner predicts that communications platforms such as Avaya’s (CPaaS) will be poised to become a key skill within the technical engineering team in more than 90% of companies by 2023. The Consulting firm added that companies that take a composable enterprise approach to their technology strategy will outperform the competition by 80% to deliver the experiences that customers really want. Regarding the main challenges for 2022, Harrison pointed out that today there are more opportunities than ever before in the way customers and partners are supported with digital solutions using the right platform and the right technology. underlying to create a digital workspace.

The world needs a platform that delivers 3 things: speed of application usage; technological partnerships like with Google where we work closely to accelerate value by combining our technologies; and finally, innovation to the limit. “Avaya sets the tone for this industry and the benefits of multi-experience. Simply put, we are presenting the real world solution for today’s needs, ”said the executive.

According to Galib Karim, Avaya’s global vice president for Latin America, the past year has been a fantastic year for the business in the region and he said he is very proud of what customers are doing with Avaya technology, noting that it has happened with small and medium to large businesses and governments.

“Our partners are very important in the Latin American region and it is crucial that we work with them to provide all the solutions. In addition to that, we have technological alliances in place such as Microsoft, Google or Salesforce, helping us to complement the solution to a new development of complete solutions for the market, ”he concluded.


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