9 communication tips to make your business visible amid election chatter

For B2B brands, communication during these times should be approached carefully using strategic methods that keep them in mind.

For many African businesses, corporate communication attempts are always overshadowed during election periods, as is currently the case in Nigeria, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo and other countries.

The headlines of local publications are full of candidate names and manifestos, broadcasters and TV presenters go on the air to interview party representatives, and social media platforms teem with public debates about candidate platforms.

What can B2B brands do to be heard and especially listened to?

Below are 9 communication strategies to stay ahead even in the midst of heated political discussions.

1. Set up LinkedIn and Instagram pages

Twitter and Facebook are primarily used for political campaigning and widely known as political ad hubs. Engage your audience on quieter platforms where your potential partners also seek refuge to talk business.

2. Be more creative with words

Focus SEO content using applicable keywords in the political space – win, announce, declare, etc. Carefully adjust the keywords that will get you found every time you are searched. Your content shouldn’t be campaign and promotional style, but should be framed to fit the popular narrative.

3. Use quotation marks as titles

It’s a political content strategy that immediately grabs attention. Keep the same format to grab your audience’s attention during this time.

4. Advertise your earnings instead of plans

Politicians mostly sell pipe dreams now, and that’s not good company. Share good news. What really matters is the tangible impact you have had and are already having. So, show measurable accomplishments instead of a “gift of chatter”.

Politicians are now solitary figures; leaders should not be confused with them. Instead, show sections of your team for visual distinction. A business organization should not be seen as a solo game.

6. Leverage extensive video content

Your company’s quality video content will be a boost this period; it’s a great alternative to text content flooding timelines. Make sure your visual identity and human touch are reflected.

7. Embrace employee-generated content

Personal stories sell. Still. Give team members a guided opportunity to share their thoughts and experiences of working with the organization.

8. Create content around testimonials

People believe reviews from other users more than pitches. Remember that third-party stories are the best public relations.

9. Reframe content from value-added selling

Think about your audience first and value them; in turn, they will buy what you offer. Politicians are already selling promises and visions that have yet to deliver any value. Be different – deliver value instead of just talking about it.

*Views expressed in this article are those of a Business Insider Africa contributor. It does not represent the views of the Business Insider Africa organization.

Mosron Communications is a Nigeria-based B2B communications consultancy.

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