AI in customer experiences is a game-changer for businesses in the digital world

AI-powered customer service is a disruptive innovation for businesses as it provides users with highly relevant and hyper-personalized experiences. Although AI is powered by technology, it actually improves human touch and personalization every moment, so much so that many customers who use AI-powered services like chatbots don’t even realize that it is a technological intervention.

AI is especially crucial for businesses in the digital world as it transforms the way they build their brands, the way they acquire and retain customers, the way they optimize resources and the way they solve customer-related issues. customers and solve problems effectively. AI is a game-changer for all of the following reasons:

Removing guesswork enables data-driven decision making:

Example: Companies target a customer with a certain type of mobile phone based on their previous purchases, the number of years of use and the reason for changing their phone.

AI-powered data collection and analysis enables businesses to create a customer view based on insights derived from behavioral patterns and actions. It also helps companies to catch trends, quickly identify problems or reveal information to make improvements to products, website, services or application interface.

Eliminate universal recommendations, give highly personalized suggestions

Example: A customer searching for running shoes on their favorite app receives a message or email from the brand recommending the best shoes for their foot type, activity level, price range, and trendy designs and colors.

AI-driven platforms analyze customer information and help provide preference-based recommendations. Businesses can dig deep to analyze customer behavior and interests and deliver personalized content in the form of product recommendations, relevant written or video content, and targeted marketing communications. Research shows that more than 91% of customers buy from brands that offer them “relevant recommendations, recognize them and remember them”.

Eliminates blanket marketing, makes it more targeted and generates a higher return on investment:

Example: An OTT platform knows exactly the best shows to view when a particular viewer logs on. For example, if this viewer likes to watch action-based movies, the top display on the homepage would be a list of action-based movies or shows. .

AI is useful for understanding and influencing customer behavior. Targeting messages to people with specific personality types is more effective, resulting in higher click-through and conversion rates.

With AI-based platforms, companies identify and segment customers based on their behavior and psychological profiles. They gain a better understanding of the needs and interests that drive them to buy and create targeted messages that are more likely to persuade and motivate them.

Reduce customer frustration and improve engagement at all times:

Example: Customers often call businesses for routine inquiries that can be easily handled at any time by AI-powered chatbots. They can also keep customers engaged, resolve issues, and build it into all of their future communications.

In the digital age, customers always want solutions to “here and now” problems. They expect brands to be available and responsive 24/7. Delayed responses or long wait times frustrate them, and research suggests businesses are losing nearly 75% of their customers. due to long waiting times. Businesses that use AI-powered solutions like chatbots can respond to customer needs faster and more efficiently. AI-powered platforms deliver optimal customer experience to the targeted audience based on their voice or facial expressions, improving engagement and keeping the experience highly personalized.

Reduces manual effort and costs, optimizes resources

Example: AI can manage the sharing of customer-relevant information such as location, addresses, contact person and any updates such as changes to opening hours, while Customer service can handle customer issues that require human intervention, such as resolving payment disputes or product issues.

AI-powered services help businesses reduce costs by reducing manual effort and freeing up the time and effort of customer-facing teams. This is especially important for responding to routine queries, saving valuable manpower and optimizing response time. AI chatbots are the panacea for solving common customer queries. Businesses can do this by initiating conversations at pre-designated touchpoints on the applications so that answers to routine queries are resolved immediately. This allows customer support members to focus on more productive and complex tasks.

AI-powered platforms improve customer experience because they understand customer preferences and ensure the right recommendations and communication reach the right customer at the right time.



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