Amravati Chemist killers on CCTV, his posts supported Nupur Sharma

Umesh Kolhe was killed in the town of Amravati last month.


Amid simmering tension over the horrific murder of a tailor in Udaipur in Rajasthan over a social media post about Prophet Mohammad, Union Home Minister Amit Shah asked the National Agency of Inquiry (NIA) to investigate the murder of a chemist whose throat was slit a week earlier in Maharashtra.

The local BJP unit in Amravati had alleged that the murder of Umesh Kolhe, 54, was linked to the Udaipur incident, which is being investigated by the central counter-terrorism agency. More than two weeks after the murder and following Amit Shah’s order, police confirmed the link, releasing CCTV footage of the incident.

“So far, six people have been arrested in this case. The defendants told us that they killed him because of what he posted on Nupur Sharma,” senior police officer Vikram Sali said.

The statement came after pressure from the BJP. “The murder of Umesh Kolhe is linked to the Nupur Sharma controversy. People in the police department think so too. We have learned that the killers admitted to murdering him because he supported Nupur Sharma, but the police are trying cover it up,” Tushar Bhartiya, a BJP leader in Amravati district, said.

“It happened on the 21st [June]. Had it been widely reported on the 22nd, [Udaipur tailor] Kanhaiya [Lal] would not have been killed. That’s why the police try to hide it. If they can’t find the real reason even after arresting the culprits, the case should be transferred to them,” he said.

According to sources, teams from the Maharashtra Police Counter Terrorism Squad and National Investigation Agency (NIA) are on their way to Amravati to investigate the case.

Umesh Kohle ran a veterinary medicine store in Amravati.

Veterinary chemist Umesh Kolhe was returning from his shop in the town of Amravati on June 21 when he was gripped by two men on motorbikes who killed him by slitting his throat around 10 p.m. His 27-year-old son and his wife accompanied him in another vehicle.

The BJP said Umesh Kolhe, like Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur, shared a message on a social messaging platform in support of Nupur Sharma, whose remarks on the Prophet Muhammad led to nationwide protests and protests. worldwide condemnation.

A tailor in Udaipur, Rajasthan, Kanhaiya Lal was killed with a cleaver in his shop by two men who posted videos online saying they were avenging an insult to Islam on June 28.

According to a police officer quoted by the PTI news agency, “Kolhe used to run a medical shop in the city of Amravati. He allegedly shared a message on some WhatsApp groups in support of Nupur Sharma for his comments. He even shared by mistakenly posted the message in a WhatsApp group of which some Muslims were also members, including its customers.

After that, a man named Irfan Khan rounded up five more to kill Kohle. He promised to give them 10,000 rupees and a safe escape in a car, he said.

The six men who were arrested were identified as Muddsir Ahmad, 22, Shah Rukh Pathan, 25, Abdul Toufique, 24, Shoaib Khan, 22, and Atib Rashid, 22, and Yusuf Khan Bahadur, 44. , all residents of Amravati. The police also seized the used knife.

The BJP suspended its national spokesperson Nupur Sharma and expelled Delhi BJP media chief Naveen Kumar Jindal on June 5 after their remarks against the Prophet caused outcry in India and the Gulf countries.

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