Arrcus and VMware Expand Partnership to Deploy Low Latency 5G Services at the Edge

Arrcus has extended its partnership with VMware, focused on transforming telecommunications networks to deliver next-generation services from edge to cloud. The expanded partnership will give communications service providers the ability to monetize their 5G infrastructure faster and deliver new enterprise services more efficiently and with greater flexibility.

The Arrcus ACE platform is now certified as a VMware Ready Telco Cloud Infrastructure solution and available on VMware Marketplace. Arrcus ACE interoperates with the VMware Telco Cloud Platform to enable communication service providers to accelerate the deployment of 5G workloads and more.

“Network programmability extends beyond the RAN. With today’s announcement, Arrcus’ ACE Switching and Routing Platform has achieved additional certification with VMware’s Telco Cloud Platform and enables service providers to increase the monetizability of their 5G networks and extending them to the edge,” said Ray Mota, CEO and principal analyst at ACG. To research.

“This builds on other capabilities that Arrcus and VMware began demonstrating at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona earlier this year,” Mota continued.

The Arrcus ACE platform is programmable and secure, available in a flexible range of consumer options such as virtual machines, containers and software on white boxes. ACE supports solutions such as FlexMCN ​​that simplify multi-cloud networking for telcos and CSPs, providing secure connectivity between cloud instances.

Arrcus ACE is well complemented by VMware Telco Cloud, which is a single platform where service providers can run and manage all their Containerized Network Functions (CNF) and Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) in a multi-cloud edge.

“Arrcus ACE solutions running on the VMware Telco Cloud Platform can transform telecommunications networks for delivering next-generation 5G services from edge to cloud,” said Stephen Spellicy, VP of Product and Solutions Marketing. for VMware’s Telco & Edge Cloud.

“Our partnership with Arrcus will enable telecom operators to offer solutions such as multi- and hybrid cloud connectivity at the edge where low latency is required,” Spellicy continued.

Arrcus also announced that it is extending a “Fast Path” membership for VMware Telco Cloud ecosystem partners wishing to join Arrcus’ PACE Partner Program. Going forward, certified VMware Telco Cloud Partners will be offered an accelerated path to join Arrcus’ PACE program, including instant approval and onboarding.

All partners in the PACE ecosystem receive benefits ranging from solution validation to access to technical/training resources and go-to-market assistance.

“Arrcus is excited to expand its partnership with VMware targeting telecom operators and communication service providers looking to launch new transformative services that can help them improve their bottom line,” said Shekar Ayyar, CEO and President of Arrcus.

“Our partnership with VMware is also important because it attracts our mutual ecosystem partners who want to leverage both of our platforms,” ​​Ayyar continued.

Customers interested in learning more about Arrcus ACE with VMware Telco Cloud can download the latest solution overview. VMware Telco Cloud ecosystem partners who wish to take advantage of the accelerated PACE offer can contact an Arrcus PACE representative here.

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