Artivatic launches an integrated insurance sales and distribution platform – MiO

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Artivatic, a market leader in the InsurTech industry, has launched a complete multi-dimensional integrated platform for sales, marketing, agents, customers, branches, communication and lead management called MiO. The goal is to provide next-generation digital sales, branch operations and lead conversion solutions. Since it is designed to specifically ease the burden of incumbents in the insurance industry, the platform comes in 3 varieties – MiOSales, MiOBanca and MiO Broker, to leave no one unattended.

The need for insurance has never been felt so acutely. And, an accelerated pace of digitization in the financial sector in the Asia-Pacific region has also been recorded due to the COVID-19 pandemic.[1]. This inside-out transition will further spur the expansion of online bancassurance and similar financial services. In order to take full advantage of this, banks, insurers, and brokers will need to take advantage of smart technologies such as AI, blockchain, robotic process automation, and more. In this way, they will be able to study customer preferences and customize solutions in real time.

Since no transformation is easy, especially one that is drastic, Artivatic has designed the MiO platform to provide them with a future-ready experience in building customer relationships, thereby expanding the customer base, improving ROI and getting better insights, recommendations and analytics.

Layak Singh, co-founder of Bengaluru-based Insurtech organization Artivatic, says, “The insurance industry is undergoing a massive modernization and the way of operating is the most fundamental transformation that is happening. As a fully automated and AI-driven business insurance platform, MiO provides insurance players with a specialized sales and marketing platform that helps them turn every lead into a return on investment. Therefore, we have created a menu of 3 options – MiOSales which is a single unified sales and distribution platform; MiOBanca, which is an AI-based bancassurance sales platform, and MiO Broker, a sales and point-of-sale platform for broker distribution. Regardless of the platform selected, it can be enjoyed everywhere on mobile and the web. They are also easy to integrate with third-party or government APIs, optical character recognition, content and communication, data intelligence, automation, and more. the click of a button. Each of the channels is extremely user-friendly with automatic application tracking available. Their AI also helps optimize your sales strategy by making recommendations through predictive analysis. »

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