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BARNESVILLE – Dozens of Barnesville students traveled throughout the community on Monday to lend a hand to businesses in the village.

Superintendent Angela Hannahs said elementary, middle and high school students all took part in the school district’s community cleanup, traveling to about 20 businesses and locations around the village to help with yard work, picking up trash , cleaning and other necessary tasks. The effort was organized to show the schools’ appreciation for the businesses that have supported the district over the years.

“We have great weather and we’re just happy to be here to give back to the community that always helps us out, so we really appreciate that. It gives kids a sense of what service-learning is all about,” she said while helping American Legion Post 168, where the schools administration has focused efforts to help clean up and to organize.

The students, along with the teachers, were divided into groups who were stationed throughout the village, helping with whatever the business needed help with.

A few high school students helped rearrange and unload boxes at Cheffy Drugs.

Aydn King, 15, said they volunteered for the cleanup to give back to the community who still support and donate to their school sports teams.

Beth Jeffries, a pharmacist at the pharmacy, said she was remodeling the shop and needed help with the boxes of old records, which she planned to recycle.

She said they were very appreciative of the students and Hannahs, who led the event. She said they helped “tremendously”.

“We can never thank them enough. They really help us finalize and clean it all up,” she said.

More than a dozen seventh graders were washing the four police cars at the Barnesville Police Department. Gabe Taylor, 13, said all the students had a different job, his being to hand wash the hood and sides of the vehicle.

“The Chief of Police (Rocky Sirianni) is my cousin, so I’m really happy to help them,” he said.

Officer Megan Phillips said it was “great” that the children came to help.

“We are grateful that they support us and want to help us and the community look better. It takes all of us,” she said.

At the Belmont County Victorian Mansion Museum, seventh graders were outside doing yard work. Eddy Wade, 13, said it feels good to help the community.

Museum grounds administrator Wayne Schuerle said the students were “very helpful”. Her grandson, Antoni Schuerle, 13, was one of the volunteers helping with the gardening work.

“We are very grateful that the school donated people and time to help us. I applaud the school district,” he said.

At Joe’s Tires, students helped seal the asphalt in the customer parking lot. Store manager Ryan Eicher said they really appreciate the hard work of the students. He said they did a great job.

While some students were in specific locations, others walked around picking up and cleaning up litter along the sidewalks.

After helping with yard work at the WVU Medicine Barnesville Hospital, rookie Lexie Grear, 15, and Payton Dedzik, 14, walked around with trash bags picking up trash and leaves outside businesses . The girls said they volunteered with other Key Club members.

The school district plans to hold the cleanup since 2020; however, it has been postponed so far due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Hannahs said they hope to make it an annual event.

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