BIG Equity Fund Supports Greensboro’s Black Community

Black Investments in Greensboro (BIG) Equity Fund is Greensboro’s premier endowment fund focused on the Black community.

GREENSBORO, NC – Black Run and Black Funded is the premise of the Black Investments in Greensboro (BIG) Equity Fund. This is a permanent endowment created to focus on funding critical issues in Greensboro’s black community.

Athan Lindsay is the Vice President of Grants and Community Impact at the Greater Greensboro Community Foundation. He said the fund is one of the foundation’s newest initiatives.

“What is unique about BIG Equity Fund is that it was led and launched by a group of black donors. Big Equity Fund is on a mission to truly become a philanthropic powerhouse in Greensboro,” Lindsay said.

He said the fund is Greensboro’s first endowment focused on the black community.

“When we talk about having full representation from the community, it was an effort and a result on our part to address that,” Lindsay said. “What BIG Equity stands for is enabling this community foundation to be a better foundation because we now have the perspectives of black donors who can lead and speak about this. It makes the Community Foundation better.

Created in December 2019, more than 80 donors have already contributed to the fund with approximately $1.5 million raised. Lindsay said the money will serve as a vehicle to address health disparities, promote black businesses and address the education/digital divide. He said the digital divide has only intensified due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“When we talk about the digital divide, we’re talking about access to education,” Lindsay said. “How can we help stop learning loss, but more importantly, how do we focus on recovery efforts?”

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Jimmi Williams, Executive Director of Communities in Greater Greensboro Schoolsand Bishop Adrian F. Starks, Senior Pastor of Global Victory Churchare two of the many founders of the fund.

They said the Big Equity Fund aims to leave a legacy that will benefit the black community for years to come.

“It’s very, very important for people who look like us with our experiences although they are varied, just for me, it’s very important for people who look like me to invest in people who look like me,” said Williams.

“I am a clergyman and there is a scripture in the Bible that says a good man leaves an inheritance for his children’s children. I think it’s a mandate, a moral obligation to our community as a whole,” Starks said.

The BIG Equity fund aims to become a $3 million endowment.

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