Bodycam video released after fatal hospital shooting

DALLAS (KTVT) — Dallas police released video on Wednesday of the deadly chaos and violence that erupted inside Dallas Methodist Medical Center last month.

A gunman shot and killed two healthcare workers. Authorities call it capital murder.

Suspect Nestor Hernandez, seen in surveillance video, entered the labor and delivery unit.

GRAPHIC WARNING: The video for this story contains content that some may find disturbing.


Social worker Jacqueline Pokuaa and nurse Katie Flowers were both shot.

Some of the released video was blurry, but it documents the times the suspect began shooting.

The video was recorded by the hospital police sergeant. Robert Rangel’s body camera.

Police say Hernandez had whipped his girlfriend, who had given birth at the hospital the day before the attack.

“Throw that gun out, partner. Come on, work with me,” Rangel said.

Rangel fired a shot, hitting Hernandez. For the next 15 minutes, he tried to get Hernandez to surrender.

“Get out here. Please get out. Come outside,” Rangel said. “Okay, look, we can sort this out. All I want to do is get people out, please,” Rangel said. “Go out with your hands up. Exit the hallway. Hands in the air.”

“Don’t shoot him, please don’t shoot him!” The last voice heard in this video is believed to be Nestor Hernandez’s girlfriend.

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