Cayaba Care launches with $ 3.2 million in funding to enable community maternity platform for underserved women


PHILADELPHIA CREAM – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) –Cayaba treatments, a maternal health business providing community-based clinical services through multidisciplinary care teams using technology, was launched today and announced the closing of $ 3.2 million seed capital. Cayaba Care’s technology-based community care model fills current gaps in maternity care for women facing social and health inequalities.

Cayaba Care establishes partnerships with obstetric practices that focus on extending care beyond the walls of practice, providing clinical and behavioral health services at home and nearby, coordinating care and providing support. account for the social determinants of health. Using technology, Cayaba Care can improve access for patients, identify timely interventions, and improve overall health outcomes.

“Current obstetric practice provides exceptional care for patients who can make it to the office. However, for a variety of reasons, patients can miss their appointments, ”said Dr. David Jaspan, director of the obstetrics department at the Einstein Health Network. “To have an impact on quality, we need a solution that goes beyond the walls of practice and goes beyond traditional obstetric care. We are delighted to partner with Cayaba Care. Together, we will work with our patients and their families to address specific social needs that have traditionally been overlooked, and in doing so we will create lasting solutions rather than episodic interactions. ”

As part of a broad plan of action in response to the tragic rate of maternal deaths, on December 3, 2020, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced plans to reduce maternal mortality by 50% by 2025.1 Recent statistics reveal extraordinary inequalities, with black and Hispanic women facing three to four times the rate of pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality.2 In Philadelphia, where Cayaba Care was launched, black women made up 43% of all births, but suffered 73% of all maternal deaths that same year. Similar disparities occur in other communities with premature births and infant mortality rates.3

“COVID has shown the value of telemedicine in prenatal care, which is here to stay. Unfortunately, many underserved patient populations who could benefit most from the convenience of telemedicine or home visits do not have broadband access or a provider who can easily provide these services. We need solutions to improve outcomes by bringing technology to these communities and meeting people where they are, ”commented Dr. Colleen Denny, Medical Director of Outpatient Women’s Health Services at Bellevue Hospital.

“Moms and babies are at the center of many communities. At Cayaba Care, we believe moms deserve to be heard, and we are focused on designing empathic solutions that are specifically grounded in the voice of patients and providing caring. high quality that adapt to their complicated lives, ”said Olan Soremekun, CEO and co-founder of Cayaba Care. This funding comes at a time when maternity and newborn outcomes in the United States are among the worst among developed countries, and the United States is the only developed country with deteriorating trends.

Cayaba Care was founded to improve outcomes in communities by reimagining the way maternity and pediatric care are delivered. Prior to founding Cayaba Care, Dr Olan Soremekun held leadership positions at Cigna, supporting the adoption by physician groups of value-based payment models. In addition, he has held senior positions with physicians, leading clinical operations and expanding the service line. Dr Fleming, a board-certified OB-GYN, practiced in a variety of settings after completing the Minority Health Policy Fellowship at Harvard University, his residency at Meharry University and the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, and serving as a Senior Clinical Advisor designing clinical programs targeting the underserved population. Kit Dobyns, Rhodes Scholar and Co-Founder of TrialSpark, complements the founding team and will lead the development and adoption of important new technologies to innovate in the delivery of maternity care to improve outcomes in underserved populations.

“Tackling inequalities in health care and improving access to high quality care for historically underserved populations is one of the core values ​​of Flare Capital,” said Michael Greeley, co- founder and general partner of Flare Capital Partners. “A number of our strategic sponsors, including many of the nation’s largest payers and suppliers, have identified this acute market need and have committed to partnering with mission-driven entrepreneurs like Olan, Mary and Kit to bring about lasting change. ”

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About Cayaba Care

Cayaba Care is a maternal health company providing community clinical services through multidisciplinary care teams using technology. Cayaba Care provides care coordination, benefit registration, routine prenatal and postpartum maternity care, mental health / counseling, breastfeeding support and patient education. For more information on Cayaba Care, visit

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1 HHS Initiative to Improve Maternal Health | ASPE. Maternal health action plan.

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3 A report on maternal mortality finds that non-Hispanic black women account for 73% of pregnancy-related deaths in Philadelphia. March 23, 2021, by the Board of Health and the Ministry of Public Health

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