Community rallies to support victims and survivors of the Robb Elementary shooting

UVALDE – Anger turned into action on Saturday in Uvalde after a special meeting called in to discuss and possibly fire Uvalde CISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo was canceled on Friday.

A plate sale took place to support the families who did not have access to the money raised after the massacre at the Uvalde school.

Organizers said if they didn’t raise money, they would protest.

“It’s so much harder to know that they are still doing their job even though they let us down,” said Jazmin Cazares, Jackie Cazares’ older sister.

The strong words of the families of Uvalde’s victims turned into action when they joined the community to organize a fundraiser for the sale of BBQ chicken plates.

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“We just wanted to contribute however we could,” said plaque sale organizer Adam Martinez.

Millions of dollars were raised for the Uvalde Together We Rise Fund but according to the committee in charge of distributing these funds, this will not happen before November 21.

Martinez knew he had to step up and do something.

“These are for families who have lost loved ones or been injured, I think it’s a total of about 30, so we’re going to split it evenly,” Martinez said.

In the end, over $2,700 was raised on Saturday for immediate distribution.

Cazares, 17, helped make the plates. The high schooler said the deferral of responsibility in light of the shooting was heartbreaking.

“Frustrated – I think everyone is frustrated but you can’t control what they’re doing. It’s frustrating but it will happen eventually and there’s no escaping it,” Cazares said. .

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She was not surprised that Uvalde CISD had canceled the scheduled emergency board meeting. Cazares said the layoffs shouldn’t stop with Arredondo.

“Starting from the top, like everyone who should have kept them safe, everyone who makes the rules in schools to keep them safe,” Cazares said.

Michele Prouty lives next door to Robb Elementary School. She was greeted by the sound of children playing at school every day, that is until May 24.

Prouty is confident that the termination of Arredondo will happen no matter how long it takes.

“No matter how long they delay…they delay him, he’s going to lose his job because there’s no way he can show his face in this school,” Prouty said.

Many people at the plate sale said they planned to attend Monday school board Meet.

Arredondo’s potential dismissal is not on the agenda, but people want their voices and their dissatisfaction with the inaction to be heard.

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