Congresswoman Meng honors Fresh Meadows resident as Queens’ first female Eagle Scout –

Congresswoman Grace Meng congratulated 19-year-old Fresh Meadows resident Kayla Chow on becoming the first female Queens resident to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

Chow was a founding member of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Girls Troop 253, which was launched in 2019 after the organization enabled girls from across the country to join its flagship Boy program and, as a result, l renamed Scouts BSA. Today, she’s an assistant scout leader for Girls’ Troop 253.

Congresswoman Meng with Eagle Scout Kayla Chow during her recent ceremony at the Court of Honor. (Photo courtesy of Grace Meng’s office)

Chow was congratulated by Meng for her monumental achievement during her Court of Honor ceremony. This ceremony celebrates a person who has achieved the prestigious rank of Eagle Scout. She officially attained the rank on April 28, 2021, but the official ceremony was postponed to May 2022 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Friends, family and other Scouts were present for the ceremony in Flushing.

“I am incredibly proud to congratulate my principal Kayla Chow and congratulate her on this historic achievement,” Meng said. “She is an exceptional individual who, through her hard work, community service and determination, has reached this important milestone. I was honored to participate in her ceremony and know that she will serve as a wonderful role model and mentor. inspiration to other Girl Scouts in our borough and throughout New York City, and I wish her all the best for a bright and successful future.

There are several achievements required to reach the rank of Eagle Scout. These include being active in a troop for at least six months as a Life Scout; show dedication to the Scout Oath and Scout Law; provide referrals from family, work, and other community entities and groups; earn 21 merit badges; serve at least six months in a leadership position; propose, plan and carry out an Eagle Scout service project; attend a Scout Leaders Conference; and pass a board review.

“Being the first female Eagle Scout in Queens is a huge honor,” Chow said. “I am extremely proud to have earned this achievement and I thank MP Meng for being part of it. I encourage young Scouts, or anyone who wishes to join Scouts BSA, to aim for the highest rank they can achieve and of course it would be great to strive to become an Eagle Scout. Always do your best, don’t get discouraged and have fun along the way.

Chow has received 26 merit badges so far for completing an area of ​​study that increased his knowledge and ability. These include first aid, communications, cooking, emergency preparedness or rescue, personal fitness, family life, personal management, camping, science environmental or sustainability, swimming and hiking or biking, among others. Additionally, she actively attempted to recruit more Girl Scouts.

She began working on her Eagle Scout project in July 2020. Chow created and donated 100 canvas care bags to seniors at a long-term care facility in Queens. The care bags contained a toothbrush, toothpaste, denture care, comb/brush, crossword puzzles and other items to aid and help occupy the elderly. She overcame logistical hurdles caused by the pandemic to complete the project in February 2021.

After graduating from the Da Vinci Program in Biomedicine at Benjamin Cardozo High School with honors in 2021, Chow is preparing for his sophomore year at City College of New York. She received a full scholarship from the university and intends to major in architecture.

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