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Recently, Howard “Hob” Kroesen, alumnus of Elizabethtown College, received an award from the Borough of Elizabethtown. Kroesen received the Vincent W. O’Connor Public Service Award at the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce annual dinner on October 4. The award was presented by Borough President Marc Hershey.

The Vincent W. O’Connor Public Service Award is an annual award presented by the Borough of Elizabethtown. The award is named after Vincent W. O’Connor, who devoted himself to public service until his death in 1997. O’Connor was active on school boards in the Township of Conoy and the region of Elizabethtown. He was a member of Elizabethtown Borough Council for over 20 years and served as mayor for six years. He has participated in several programs that have served residents of the Elizabethtown area and was named Citizen of the Year in 1995 by the Elizabethtown Loyal Order of the Moose.

The award has been awarded since O’Connor’s death in 1997, and continues to honor his services each year. It is a great honor to have an Etown alumnus recognized with this award.

The Borough of Elizabethtown said, “The Borough of Elizabethtown expresses our sincere gratitude to Hob for his extraordinary community service. Through the presentation of the 2021 Vincent O’Connor Civil Service Award, we honor his generous donations of time, talent and treasure… and most importantly for his unwavering dedication to the betterment of the Elizabethtown community.

Kroesen is a native of Elizabethtown, who is an alumnus of Elizabethtown Area High School and College, where he received his degree in Business Administration. After graduation, Kroesen entered the IT service industry, which earned him a successful career.

He has dedicated over 40 years of his life to Elizabethtown and is involved in a number of organizations. Kroesen is a leader in community recreation planning and participates in the planning of facilities that will help the community grow, whether they are sports facilities, community recreation activities or service events. . Kroesen was heavily involved in the development of Poplar Street Park in the borough. Poplar Street Park is home to many recreational facilities and has a positive impact on the Elizabethtown community. Kroesen has also helped develop the Greater Elizabethtown Area Recreation and Community Services (GEARS). GEARS offers fitness classes, discounted event tickets, craft classes, a youth summer program, and even a preschool.

All of these awareness-raising actions have had an immeasurable influence on the community, from children to adults. Through all of his work, Kroesen has been able to touch the lives of almost everyone in the Elizabethtown community, although they may not realize it. Kroesen, a United States Air Force veteran, also helped install the Veterans Memorial at Elizabethtown Community Park.

Kroesen was also extremely influential in wrestling in the community of Elizabethtown. He competed as a high school student, then later became a youth wrestling coach and official. He even received the outstanding official award from the Lancaster-Lebanon League. Kroesen is also inducted into the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and was instrumental in the process that saw the College host the NCAA Division III National Championships in 2015.

The College awarded Kroesen the 2019 “Educating for Service – Service in College” award. This award is one of the highest honors bestowed on Etown alumni. It recognizes an alumnus who presents the core mission of Elizabethtown College and its legacy. Kroesen exemplifies the College’s motto “Educate for Service”.

Congratulations to Kroesen for his outstanding service and dedication to the College and the Elizabethtown area, and for receiving the 2021 Vincent W. O’Connor Award.

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