Fonda is the last local community to be submerged by torrential rains


FONDA – The village was in a state of emergency after up to 4 inches of rain fell within two hours on Monday, causing flooding that left streets impassable and homes flooded, the National Weather Service said from Albany.

The rapid storm overflowed the stream running through the center of the village.

“Things got swamped pretty quickly,” National Weather Service meteorologist Kevin Lipton said of the situation at Fonda.

The impact of the storm was mainly limited to the village.

“It was literally that, right above Fonda,” Lipton said. “It was the epicenter of it.”

Monday’s floods in Fonda represent the third time in three weeks that part of the capital region has been hit by isolated but devastating flooding from torrential rains. The weather service said another round of thunderstorms could strike on Tuesday.

The floodwaters receded Tuesday morning, allowing drivers and pedestrians to move around the village.

However, the streets were covered with a thick layer of mud and grime.

Fonda is used to flooding, said Mohawk Highway City Superintendent Bill Holvig and has been through several events before.

On Monday, rainwater rolled down a hill northwest of the village center. But due to saturated soils from weeks of heavy rain, rainfall overflowed from the unnamed stream running through the center of the village, Holvig said, inundating basements and washing the shoulders of the road.

“[Route] 30A was like a river, ”said Holvig.

The damage was mainly limited to the center of the city, which was covered with several inches of mud on Tuesday morning.

Work crews will continue to repair washed out road shoulders, Holvig said, including Old Johnston Road.

The town and village are used to flooding, Holvig said, pointing to high water on his office door.

While the city’s Department of Public Works headquarters on Broadway was spared on Monday, the nearby Montgomery County Emergency Management Building sits on lower ground and suffered minor flooding, he said. .

The town of Mohawk was assisted by several agencies in the cleanup efforts, including the Thruway State Authority and the Fonda Village Public Works Department, as well as other local agencies, the service said. ‘Mohawk Fire in a statement. Facebook post.

About 15 residences needed help emptying their basements and it seems no injuries were reported, according to the department.

Photos released by the ministry showed flooding outside Cumberland Farms, as well as other downtown businesses.

Officials said shortly after midnight that they expected traffic to be smooth in the morning.

The roads had been reopened Tuesday morning, according to the Montgomery County Emergency Management Office, but drivers may experience delays due to clean-up efforts and have urged people to seek alternative routes if possible.

A flash flood warning was in effect until 9:15 p.m. Monday for south-central Fulton County and central Montgomery County. Small streams and streams were at risk of flooding, as well as low-lying areas with poor drainage.

By 7:30 p.m. the rain had stopped, but between two and four inches of rain fell in no time, Lipton said.

The rapid storm marked the latest in a series of severe weather events this summer that has led communities struggling with heavy damage, including the village of Coxsackie, Rensselaer County and now Fonda.

“It’s just kind of a stormy pattern,” National Weather Service meteorologist Dan Thompson said Tuesday morning. “We have a prominent ridge in the western US and sometimes a trough in the eastern US, and that often leads to stormy patterns.”

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