Grandview Parkway reconstruction invites a meeting with community leaders

Grandview Parkway reconstruction plans are starting to heat up as Traverse City officials meet with community leaders, including Tart Trails CEO Julie Clark.

“We saw this as a good opening for what the community has been asking for for a long time: better improvements for cycle pedestrians, not only to cross the promenade, but also to move along it,” said Clark.

The Grandview Parkway reconstruction plan is in its preliminary studies.

As it stands, the plan is to rebuild US-31 and M-72 from Garfield Avenue to Division Street.

MDOT is currently working with Traverse City officials and the community to determine which plan works best.

“We are working hard alongside community leaders, the city and other stakeholder groups to come up with a design that not only addresses the aging revetment – ​​the underground utilities in this area – but strikes a balance to meet everyone’s needs. users of this road corridor. said MDOT North Region Communications Representative James Lake.

Currently, preliminary plans indicate the project will cost $19 million in state and federal money. The underground utility works will however be financed by the city.

Clark calls for more safer and more convenient crossings. But MDOT says it’s already in preliminary plans.

“We are making efforts to add additional things such as turning lanes for motorists to reduce congestion and to add additional crosswalks for pedestrians and cyclists,” Lake said.

Community leaders are excited about the planned improvements, but hope for more.

“We’re working with people like Delamar to be able to work on a public-private partnership that extends the trail — and as part of the Grandview Parkway project, we’re actually hoping to extend the trail to NMC,” Clark said.

Clark is excited about what this project could mean for members of the community, “I think it means a much better way to enjoy and experience our bay shoreline – a better way to get around town.”

MDOT will hold a virtual meeting Wednesday and Thursday at 5 p.m. The meeting will be open to the public.

You can join the meeting here.

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