Hit and run victim moved by community support

BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) — About two weeks ago, a single mother of three from Bryan was crawling down a dark road a few miles from her home after being hit from behind by a car after midnight.

She was walking home after her first day at a brand new job. The impact of the car left his leg broken in three places and his ankle dislocated. She was unsure how she was going to support her family as she recovered from an injury that doctors said would keep her out of work for a few months.

But just 12 days later, Jessica Navarro has a new perspective on life. It comes from an incredible community-wide outpouring of support that Navarro says has been nothing short of amazing.

“I don’t think in 31 years I’ve ever seen the community come like this,” Navarro said. “Maybe it’s because it happens to me firsthand and I see it firsthand. It’s a blessing to see people coming together.

Things looked grim for Navarro as she faced what she called the uphill battle of her life right after the incident. Although she is still in great pain, Navarro says this show of love and support from her community has changed her life.

“My whole life, I kind of didn’t…I didn’t want to be in Bryan because I felt so alone in this town, in this world,” Navarro said. “I just felt like there was nothing here. Just seeing how the community came together blew me away and changed my perspective. Just knowing that someone, n anyone is there, really there. I just felt like no one wanted me my whole life.

A fundraiser was hosted by Kendra Scott Jewelry for Navarro over the weekend at BigShots Golf where she just started working. Nearly $14,000 was donated by his GoFundMe page. Bryan City Councilman Bobby Gutierrez met with her. But it’s not just the financial help and high-level attention she’s grateful for.

“I am so grateful. So so thankful for everyone,” Navarro said. “Not just City Council or BigShots. I’m talking about the community, literally everyone. Everyone who came together and contributed.

Navarro says this about a lot more financial aid, and it changes a lot more than people might think or expect.

“It not only helped me not to stress about my bills. It’s a lot bigger than that,” Navarro said. “It’s like everything is falling into place now. I never felt like I was in the right place or on the right track until now.

Navarro says in some ways the accident was a blessing, as the love and support from the community gave her a sense of confidence she didn’t know she had. Now she is eager to give back.

“Seeing this makes me want to be a part of something like this, where I could help the next person,” Navarro said. “I want to change lives. I want to make a difference and get closer to the community. I want to show people they’re not alone because I know I’m not the only person in the world who feels that way.

Navarro says there’s another fundraiser for her in the works next month.

So far, the driver who hit her has not been found. DPS told KBTX on Tuesday that there is currently no update on the investigation, but Navarro says troopers are recovering a rearview mirror from her on Wednesday that she recovered from the scene.

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