Hometown Heroes ‘Stuff the Bus’ with various school supplies

A local organization ensures students are prepared with the supplies needed for the upcoming school year.

WACO, Texas — Pens, notebooks, backpacks, paper. The list could go on when it comes to necessary school supplies.

A local organization is taking steps to make going back to school a little easier.

“There’s a lot to do when you go back to school with a lot of different costs associated with buying your backpacks, school supplies and new school shoes and clothes,” said Hometown Heroes volunteer Irene Jones. . “So if we can just help a little, I think it makes a huge difference.”

Hometown Heroes has partnered with the Talitha Koum Institute to distribute school supplies to students in Waco.

With “Stuff the Bus” as its first launch event, Hometown Heroes hopes to raise awareness in the community.

“I just want kids to learn that they can make a difference at any age,” said Kyle Barbin, president of Hometown Heroes. “They don’t have to wait until they’re teenagers or adults.”

The Stuff the Bus event is a way to bring the community together for a great cause.

Guess Barbecue, snow cones, face paint and a bouncy house were all part of the fun.

A Baylor Bear decided this event was the perfect time to give back, off the court.

“Having an environment and a community that’s ready to help and provide those things up front is really special,” said Baylor men’s basketball guard Adam Flagler.

The event also shows the importance of community service.

“I love taking my kids to volunteer with me at all kinds of different events. It shows them that we need to give back and it teaches them at a young age how to volunteer and how to just be generous with their donations” , says Jones.

The procurement campaign is already a huge success – an Amazon wishlist has been ticked off and backpacks are filled for the Talitha Koum Institute.

And now more children will be ready to face the next school year.

“Now they can show up on the first day of class and be ready to learn,” Jones said.

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