Hope for Living: We are stronger when we are in community – The Daily Reporter

What is your strength? Many of us have learned to rely on our own intellect, abilities, and cunning to get through this difficult life. However, life often gets the better of us no matter how hard we try.

Proverbs 16:18 says, “Pride comes before destruction, pride comes before a fall.” We often need to be reminded that our success in this life depends on our ability to include others in our journey who can strengthen us when we are weak. It’s not always easy because we like to think we can do it all on our own…we can’t!

Another great lesson of wisdom from the scriptures is Ecclesiastes 4:12: “Even if one is overcome by another, two can resist him. And a triple cord does not break quickly. After all the isolation and social distancing of the past two years, we are seeing many devastating results from people suffering alone instead of reaching out to others. In some cases, we have simply become accustomed to living alone or with limited interaction. It’s always been true that people are social creatures, and we’re better off together than alone.

If we simply follow the basic examples God has given us throughout the scriptures, we will see that we were designed to work together and that relying on ourselves is often where the problem arises. Abraham had his nephew Lot as they traveled together, Moses had his brother Aaron, Elijah had his servant Elisha, Jesus always sent the disciples out in pairs, Barnabas had Paul, and the list goes on.

We can also see the failures of being alone: ​​Peter alone at Jesus’ trial denies him three times, David alone in the palace sinned with Bathsheba, Eve alone in the garden fell into temptation. These are oversimplified examples that remind us that we need others in our lives to help us succeed, and to think we can do it on our own is hubris.

I am so thankful that Jesus teaches that when we trust him as our Lord, we will never be alone because he will never leave or forsake us. The way he strengthens us in this life is by giving us brothers and sisters (the church) to help us carry our burdens and to help others on their journey through life.

I want to encourage you to lean on God and include others in your life to find true strength.

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