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With cookies gone, Karl Johns (Senior Platform Expert, Infobip UK) looks at how the right communications technology partner enables digital marketing agencies to innovate and drive revenue.

Constant disruption and innovation in the customer engagement space, creating impactful experiences for customers, and having multiple tools and tactics to choose from can make campaign communication complicated and siled.

Digital marketing agencies must go beyond delivering conversions and create meaningful campaigns that continuously drive business and engage loyal customers.

This is where technology partnerships come in, with the ability to offer additional services that enhance the customer experience – and that includes everything from unified data, a manageable technology stack, and multiple digital channels to form an omnichannel campaign.

Here we highlight the benefits that the right communications technology partner can bring to your business.

Data Driven Marketing

Customers today are choosing to interact, search, buy and engage with brands differently and want to be treated like individuals. Therefore, the strength of a campaign is in the data. But, with multiple sources and channels, consolidating customer data on a single platform to get an in-depth 360-degree view can be a challenge.

Using a customer data platform not only provides better clarity, but also allows you to develop meaningful insights from tracked behavior – and deliver an exceptional customer experience. You can do this by:

• Create personalized communication based on customer information provided by the customer or learned from their behavior

• Improve the contextual relevance of each message broadcast on each channel

• Go beyond “First Name” by using any data variable for personalization, such as:

• Product recommendations based on purchase history and interactions

• Content based on individual interests at every stage of their journey, from awareness to purchase and re-engagement

End-to-end omnichannel marketing automation

Your customers are bombarded with solutions claiming to generate a return on investment. Identifying technologies that provide real value has become increasingly difficult. That’s where easy-to-deploy technology comes in that automates and personalizes communications over digital channels in a scalable way.

An omnichannel customer engagement solution helps bridge the technology gap between marketers, effective campaigns, and the ability to generate revenue. Agencies can:

• Implement end-to-end omnichannel campaign management across the customer journey based on behaviors and data insights, and relieve your customers by running effective revenue-driving campaigns.

• Build profitable campaigns by engaging your customers’ audience beyond purchase by launching campaigns that personalize the customer journey and delivering relevant messages to each audience segment.

Be where your customers are

Gain a competitive advantage by running customer campaigns on innovative channels such as SMS, WhatsApp, Messenger, RCS, Viber, Apple Business Chat, Google Business Messaging, LINE, email and voice.

Campaigns powered by bots

Chatbots are one of the fastest emerging marketing trends. If used correctly, they can give your campaigns automated power. As a digital marketing agency, it’s important that you partner with a chatbot building platform that helps you create chatbot marketing campaigns that are effective, easy to integrate with your digital channel offering, and conversational.

Make your automated messaging conversational: Omnichannel chatbots allow your customers to interact with their customers during promotions, ensuring more conversions and better ROI.

In August 2019, Unilever decided to launch a WhatsApp Business campaign for Comfort where they displayed 1,000 posters around Sao Paulo that displayed teaser messages followed by a WhatsApp number. Once interested consumers contacted the number, a chatbot called MadameBot gave advice on how to care for clothes and introduced new products using rich media, such as audio and memes.

In the first 12 hours, 6,335 unique users interacted with Comfort’s chatbots, exchanging 145,000 messages, far exceeding the planned goal of 600 interactions. The three-day campaign has been extended for a week. In seven days, 12,000 unique customers engaged with the brand, with more than 290,000 messages exchanged. The conversational campaign generated sales 14 times higher than ordinary days

Boost Engagement: Increase your customers’ customer engagement by running interactive polls, surveys or quizzes, or by sharing rich and engaging multimedia content. You can go further by modeling your chatbot on popular personalities to create campaigns that generate buzz or can go viral.

Boost Facebook ad campaigns: If you already offer Facebook and Instagram ads, you can easily sell by setting up a Messenger chatbot, which makes advertising an interactive experience. When a customer interacts with an ad on Messenger or a click-to-messenger ad, the chatbot initiates the conversation and guides the customer through the journey.

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