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New Delhi: As part of the Digital India Week celebrations from July 4-9, 2022, a three-day dedicated event titled “India Stack Knowledge Exchange” was held from July 7-9, 2022. The program culminated with the three thematic brainstorming sessions on ‘Urban Stack’, ‘Technology Stack for e-Commerce’ and ‘Space Technology Stack’, followed by a farewell session on July 9, 2022.

Urban Stack

The first session of the day was moderated by Mr. Abhishek Chaudhry, Vice President, National Industrial Corridor Development Program. Panelists included Mr. Kunal Kumar, Co-Secretary and Mission Director, SMART Cities Mission, Dr.Inder Gopal, CEO-IUDX, and Mr.Manish Srivastava, CTO, E-Gov Foundation as speakers.

Mr. Kunal Kumar pointed out that the Smart Cities mission, an ambitious project built around the 4-quadrant approaches of information, communication, forecasting and management, also includes the 3Ps of deployment – ​​people, policies and processes and platforms. Mr. Abhishek Chaudhry, Vice President of NICDC, said that ULIP is about efficient movement of goods, reduction of logistics cost and time, provision of real-time information and improvement of international competitiveness. . Mr. Manish Srivastava, CTO, eGov Foundation said that the Digital Infrastructure for Governance, Impact and Transformation (DIGIT) enabled by India Stack has been implemented in over 1000 cities, which has impacted out of 180 million citizens. Dr. Inder Gopal, CEO of Indian Urban Data Exchange, said that IUDX has been rolled out in 18 cities and highlighted success stories through bus occupancy examples with ETA (Surat), Safe routes and places (Pune), Multimodal transport (Surat), Efficient solid waste collection (Varanasi), adaptive traffic lights (Agartala) and flood warning (Chennai).

Technology stack for e-commerce

This session was moderated by Colonel Pankaj Dikshit, Senior Vice President (IT), GSTN, and was honored by Mr. Rajesh Jain, Additional CEO, GeM, Mr. PV Bhat, DDG, NIC and Mr. T Koshy, CEO, ONDC, as speakers. The panel reflected on the technological challenges associated with the GeM platform designed for procurement within the government sector, handling approximately 2.5 lakh crore of gross value of goods. The panel also discussed the Open Network for Digital Commerceplatform, which is a coveted initiative to break down platform monopoly by bringing a fully open-source domain that provides a gateway for buyers and sellers between platforms. He was also told that the eWay bill has resulted in around 20-30% efficiency in logistics.

Stack of space technologies

This session was extremely informative, based on ISRO’s vision of harnessing space technology for national development, while pursuing space science research and planetary exploration. It was moderated by Mr. Shashikant Sharma, SAC/ISRO. Speakers included Mr. Nishkam Jain, SAC/ISRO, Ms. Vibha Jain, SAC/ISRO, Mr. Pankaj Bodani, SAC/ISRO, Mr. Utkarsh, SAC/ISRO and Mr. Arulraj Murugvel, NRSC/ISRO.

The thematic session gave an overview of locally developed space technologies. He presented the applications of space technology, namely satellite communications, navigation, Earth observation and geospatial data dissemination. The eminent speakers explained how the locally developed India Regional Navigation System (NavIC), India Visualization System (VEDAS) and Indian Warehouse for Space Weather and Ocean Data (MOSDAC) crystallize the position of India as a world leader in space technology. SATCOM’s application for e-governance, namely the solutions of Bhuvan, Bhoonidhi and Yuktdhara, was also shared.

farewell session

The India Stack Knowledge Exchange program ended with a farewell session which was honored by Dr. Rajendra Kumar, Additional Secretary, MeitY, Mr. Rajesh Gera, DG, NIC, and Mr. Abhishek Singh, President and Chief management, NeGD. The global program brought together over 6,300 participants from 60 countries with 11 themed sessions led by 51 pioneers of digital transformation in India.

Dr. Rajendra Kumar outlined the vision to achieve a trillion dollar digital economy and make India the qualified and talented Capital of the world.

Mr. Rajesh Gera highlighted future roadmap areas such as cloud, cyber security and applications namely “Sandesh” and “Lok Samvad” as secure tools enhancing government communications.

Thanking all the speakers and participants, Mr. AbhishekSingh said that the idea behind ISKE 2022 was to bring the real practitioners – the champions of IT – to talk about the implementation of revolutionary projects, the challenges encountered and the the way forward for these projects. ISKE 2022 was also visualized to showcase the India Stack solutions and products to the global community, and invited any nation to adopt and customize them for their own use. He shared that a physical event on the subject would be organized towards the end of the year (2022). He highlighted the launch of the portal, a repository of digital goods and services, which has been made available in English and French and will soon be available in all UN languages.

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