Job: Corporate Communications Manager at Oando

Summary of work

  • The Director of Corporate Communications will support the development of the communications strategy.
  • He/she will develop, protect and enhance the reputation of the brands with various stakeholders in line with the positioning and strategic objectives of the company, using a wide range of marketing communication tools and techniques, including the engagement of media, public relations, internal communications, events and sponsorship, stakeholder engagement, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and branding.
  • He/she will be instrumental in managing the corporate communications team to effectively translate the approved communications strategy into an implementation plan and the successful execution of said plan on time and within budget. .
  • The Corporate Communications Manager will also provide communications advice, support the development of a communications strategy and oversee the execution of plans that reposition Oando Energy Resources (OER) as a local upstream player with capabilities and technical capabilities. As with the group, he/she will be responsible for achieving measurable communication objectives through advertising and branding, public relations, internal communications and events and sponsorships to support the achievement of objectives. commercial OER.
  • He/she will provide communication support to other business affiliates as required.

Specific tasks and responsibilities

  • Day-to-day management of the corporate communications team to effectively translate the approved communications strategy into an implementation plan and the successful execution of said plan on time and within budget
  • Responsible for the development of scenario plans that identify potential risks related to the brand image of the Company and that of its subsidiaries, possible interventions and expected results / impacts
  • Develop an annual communication plan with a budgetary defense
  • Responsible for the planning and execution of internal and external events by the Branding, Events & Sponsorship team on behalf of the Group and its business entities
  • Responsible for the development of group-wide communication systems, policies and practices based on efficiency processes; ensure compliance with communication templates and templates (e.g. for presentations and other company documents)
  • Manage the PR and internal communications team to proactively tell Oando’s story (past, present and future) to internal and external stakeholders using multiple mediums and engaging content
  • Monitor corporate communications initiatives against approved plan and budget to ensure alignment while delivering high impact solutions and optimizing costs
  • Drive employee engagement by creating and sharing communication that connects, informs and inspires internal stakeholders
  • Provide strong internal communications by leading a multi-channel, two-way internal communications strategy
  • Produce periodic management reports for the Head of Department to share with General Management
  • Manage relationships with a wide range of stakeholder groups
  • Oversee the execution of communication plans, programs and activities both internally and externally
  • Responsible for the development of communication materials including corporate giveaways, event booths and brochures
  • Research, identify and recommend the most suitable platforms for Oando PLC, other subsidiaries and senior management to associate with
  • Ensure that the branding and visual identity policies of OERs and any other subsidiaries are in line with Group standards
  • Develop and manage a process to ensure that the brand and visual identity are always correctly used internally and externally
  • Manage internal and external communications that project OER as an indigenous upstream actor with technical capabilities and capabilities and the most desirable place to work and invest
  • Research, identify and present platforms to introduce OER executive leadership (Chief Executive Officers) as up-front technical experts to key industry stakeholders
  • Through community visits and ongoing engagement with the External Relations team, the development and deployment of a compelling CSR story to our internal and external stakeholders
  • Support the Investor Relations team by designing and developing corporate collateral, identifying best suited events to attend, and translating IR press releases into news and features
  • Support the corporate governance team through the design and development of corporate documents
  • Responsible for developing content and materials in support of communication objectives
  • Identification and presentation of events, conferences, exhibitions, forums, etc. best suited for the company to participate in to improve brand awareness and equity
  • Oversee conference logistics
  • Serve as corporate branding expert and provide initial review of all content and creatives prior to department head review and approval
  • Lead and oversee the webmaster management of Oando PLC, OER and any other subsidiary websites and intranet
  • Monitor the performance metrics of the company’s digital media function
  • Perform other duties as may be assigned by the Company.

Key performance indicators

  • Extent to which corporate communications and brand management strategies, plans and activities are driven by group and entity corporate strategies
  • Extent to which brand values, brand story and accomplishments are positively reinforced using internal communications, public relations, digital media, events and sponsorship
  • Quality and effectiveness of internal and external communication efforts/activities implemented
  • Quantity and quality of mileage received across print, broadcast and digital platforms
  • Increased positive perception and dialogue on internal and external platforms
  • Brand recall and recall
  • Change in brand/perception associations
  • Growth in internal employee engagement
  • Improved employee brand affinity
  • Growth of internal brand ambassadors
  • Quality of reports/documents prepared and presented
  • Profitability of deployed solutions
  • Growth in the number of followers on all social media platforms of the company
  • Growth in user engagement across all company social media platforms
  • Growth of internal brand ambassadors on social media
  • Quality and effectiveness of partnerships with third-party agencies and the media
  • Quality of relationships with direct reports and team management.

Qualifications and experience

  • First degree in humanities, social sciences, administration or other relevant field
  • 10+ years of operational experience (Corporate/External Affairs, Brand Management, Corporate Communications, Media and/or Advertising) in a reputable and structured business environment, preferably a multinational or oil and gas company
  • A strategic understanding of traditional and digital media and public relations
  • Experience in corporate reputation and media management
  • Must have – or be able to quickly build trusting relationships with the media and other key stakeholders
  • Strong writing and verbal communication skills
  • Demonstrates an understanding of a multi-channel approach to employee engagement through communication
  • Good project to program management skills with the ability to function as both a strategic thinker and inside business operator.

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