Juganu unveils Smart City developments in partnership with Qualcomm, Nokia, Abdi

Israel’s LED lighting and communication solutions provider Juganu, a company working with Qualcomm to establish a 5G network in regions like the United States and Brazil, showcased its latest 5G and city developments this month. smart for the retail market at an event in Israel by a delegation that included communications giants Qualcomm, Noki and Abdi.

Alongside the Global Head of Smart Cities and Digital Transformation at Qualcomm, the CEO of Qualcomm Brazil, the CEO of Nokia Brazil and the Brazilian Minister of Communications, Juganu presented his capabilities and product solutions to promote his vision of “total connectivity”. These include metaverse integrations, large-scale use of electric and smart vehicles, traffic regulations, as well as countless applications that Juganu will enable by connecting streetlights to smart communications.

As part of Juganu’s new business, Nokia and Juganu’s 5G network has already been implemented in buildings and streets in Brazil in a pilot project that demonstrates to the rest of the world how far the deployment unique 5G can significantly reduce installation costs and time inputs. Beyond that, the company unveiled its retail solution, which would enable accurate customer journey management, customer counting, customer retention and management of suspicious customers, queue management , shelf management, image recognition and real-time messaging, while actively respecting privacy policies.

Founded in 2011, Juganu develops and manufactures end-to-end platforms for applications and connectivity in public spaces and integrates them within public lighting services. The platform then uses streetlight data with communication systems (including 5G) for broadband data transmission, a variety of sensors, and IoE (Internet of Everything) applications as the basis for street infrastructure. smart city.

To date, Juganu’s intelligent communications are deployed in more than 15 countries, including Mexico, Brazil, Guatemala, the United States (Philadelphia, Arlington, San Diego), Greece and Israel. In Israel, the entire city of Or Yehuda is connected to Juganu’s technology.

“We are extremely excited to have reached this point where we can now see the company’s vision become a reality,” said Juganu CEO and co-founder Eran Ben-Shmuel. “People in Israel understand that the proper deployment of wireless communications and 5G is what will facilitate the implementation of future technologies that allow us to live comfortably, efficiently and support sustainability. We are extremely proud that such a distinguished delegation has come to Israel specifically to experience Israeli technology that is set to change the world, and that the Ministry of Communications in Israel, headed by Minister Yoaz Hendel, advance this issue. , working to create greater connectivity, and expressed his confidence in Juganu.

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