Laney High community goes beyond filming: come together for reunion

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — A week ago Saturday, Richmond County deputies responded to reports of shots being fired at Josey High School and the day before at Laney High School.

This prompted the Richmond County School Board to almost completely cancel tailgates and throwback parades. This motion was defeated.

Laney High School held a ride home on Saturday with law enforcement in attendance to make sure alumni feel safe watching the game. After the events of last week, fans still came out to support the Wildcats.

The annual homecoming tailgate is more than just an event for friends of the class of 1982.

For Carmelita Champion, this was her 40th hatchback.

“We love being around other wild cats,” Champion said. “Some we haven’t seen since the year before.”

Many other classes were hanging out, cooking and playing music, showing a different scene from last Friday’s football game.

“Coming home will usually be double or triple the number of people, but because of things like what happened last week, people are afraid to go out,” said Uneeca Eubanks, Class of 1990.

Nothing could stop these comrades from going out and reminiscing.

“We understand there’s a lot going on in the community, but we try not to let it affect us at all,” said Dr. Keysa Bing-Mitchell, Class of 1990. “We always come here and have fun and let’s take advantage of everyone.”

Bing-Mitchell says Saturday’s homecoming was long overdue.

“It’s about that Wildcat pride,” Bing-Mitchell said. “We like to go out and represent our school and our classes.”

She’s not the only one feeling this.

“I’m going to represent my school,” Eubanks said. “I love my class, I love my school and the class of 1990. I said I was coming to represent my class. So that’s what got me out.

“We just get bigger and meaner because we’re wildcats,” Champion said.

It is this school spirit that unites everyone along Laney-Walker Boulevard.

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