LaRochelle solves problems throughout the community

I served with Raegan LaRochelle on the Augusta City Council. I live and work in his legislative district. I know firsthand that she is our top choice for the Maine Legislative Assembly.

Raegan uses civil dialogue, creative problem solving and active listening to address the concerns of his constituents. Raegan will use these skills to bring people together to find the best solutions in these economic times. With a background in economic development consulting and as the owner of two small businesses, she will prioritize economic opportunity, education and workforce development to help our community grow stronger. As an employer, she has created jobs, local jobs and we need more.

Finally, Raegan knows how to work, fight and, as a former Cony Ram, win for the home team. Therefore, I know she will work, fight and win for me and my family. Get out and vote to re-elect Raegan LaRochelle – I am!

Marc Alexander


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