“Love Muncie” responds to community needs

MUNCIE, Ind.—A little over a year ago, a local organization in Muncie formed to make an impact in the community.

Pastor Matt Derby of Northside Church of God started ‘Love Muncie’, an organization that seeks to tap into people’s passions and mobilize them to make a difference in the local community.

Pastor Derby seeks to create “a bridge of unity”, hoping to open the door for people from all walks of life to be involved.

“We could come together and achieve something amazing. We could change the community, have a bigger impact. And everyone would be blessed because of it,” Derby said. “It’s a place where people from different backgrounds come together and work for the common good of our community.

Love Muncie hosted two concerts in Muncie for local artists to perform. They also distributed backpacks, shoes and other clothing items.

“Love Muncie hopes to see more public good next year,” Derby said.

Love Muncie hopes to continue to maintain “An environment where people can learn about their gifts and how to use them to have a positive impact on Muncie,” Derby said.

The overall goal is to benefit everyone within the organization and the surrounding community.

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