Martin University Town Hall Addresses Ongoing Community Issues

“Stop Playing With Us” was organized by a popular band called Circle Up Indy.

INDIANAPOLIS – Honest and Open Conversations. This is what the town hall “Stop playing with us” to Martin University Saturday was all about.

“We are together, we are smart. We have our resources. We can come together and change everything,” said participant Vickie Mitchell.

The basic group Circle up Indy organized this event. Their goal is to uplift the community and create a safe and economically prosperous Indianapolis for all.

“We believe in ourselves. How we don’t need to depend on politicians. We are always caught up in the nonsense that exists in our community,” said James Wilson, the organizer and founder of Circle Up Indy.

Speakers, including rapper Project Pat, brought their own life experiences to the table. The interactive conversation covered everything from tackling violence to poverty and homelessness, as well as a Circle Up Indy community development project called Rising Evolution.

“If we’re creating generational wealth and putting in strong measures with that generational wealth, we’re controlling a psychological aspect of how we develop in the future,” Wilson said.

Organizer James Wilson said giving young people equal opportunities to succeed in supportive environments is an important part of building a better community.

It was this idea that brought Vickie Mitchell and her son out.

“If we don’t care about our neighbors across the street, on our same street or down the street, we’re not going to achieve what we want to achieve, which is a safe community in Indianapolis,” Mitchell said.

There is no single answer to solving systemic problems. But the group believes the work must directly involve those affected.

“It’s all connected. You can’t focus on crime without focusing on food deserts. Without focusing on education and role models in schools,” Mitchell said.

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