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Prayer events were organized throughout the surrounding region for this event.


CLINTON — An opportunity to come together and come together is presented to the public on Friday, as a ministry strives to share the gospel and create a renewal of life in the community.

The “I Will Stand” rally will begin at 7 p.m. Friday, Jan. 21, at the Sampson Expo Center, said David Pait of RealWord Outdoors. Pait will kick off the event which organizers hope will pull together a community torn apart by COVID and other societal tensions.

“These rallies started a few months ago,” Pait said.

Pait and Warren Hill began meeting and praying to consider working together. Hill is a pastor in Bladen County.

“We both felt like we were meant to do something, work together, for the Lord. We really didn’t know what it was.

From there they traveled all over the state, went to churches in the area to meet people, hold these gatherings, pray and come together as one family.

“From prayer and encounter, the ‘I Will Stand’ movement was born,” said Pait. “That’s what God put in our hearts and minds to do.”

This is based on Ephesians 6:13, which says, “Put on therefore the full armor of God, that when the day of evil comes you may stand your ground, and after you have done all things, stand your ground.” ” in the NIV translation.

“The first gathering we held was at the Fairmont, at an outdoor wedding venue,” he said.

“The biggest challenge is exactly why it’s needed – it’s unity.”

He said churches are divided, divided by denomination, and this is a push to get other churches and pastors to participate.

As of now, they’ve had between 12 and 15 responses from Sampson County, and he hopes they can get more participation.

“That’s the challenge, we’re asking churches to come together and stand up, and put aside our differences,” he said.

He said there is one thing all Christians can agree on — that they can gather at the cross.

“If we can’t agree with that, then there’s a huge problem, a big problem,” he said. “To be a child of God, you must be born again.”

Everyone is welcome to the event, entry is free and no money was requested in the process. RealWord Outdoors was the sponsor.

“This is what we stand on, this is our ground of union, the cross,” he said. “When the church was born they were all of one accord, it says in the book of Acts that the spirit came.”

“If we’re going to see the spirit move mightily, in Sampson County, or anywhere, we’re going to have to come together in one accord. Put aside our differences and put Jesus first.

“It’s not just for church members. If you want to come, you come. »

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