Popcom salutes Duterte for signing EO 141



THE Population and Development Commission (Popcom) congratulated President Rodrigo Duterte for promulgating Executive Decree (EO) 141, which prioritizes the implementation of measures regarding teenage pregnancy in the country and mobilizes government agencies for this purpose.

The chief executive signed EO 141 on June 25 and it was published on June 29 in the Official Gazette, making it effective after two weeks, on July 10.

Duterte’s action effectively focuses the government’s attention on the issue of teenage pregnancy in the Philippines, which is currently labeled an “urgent national priority” by Popcom’s Board of Commissioners, headed by the Secretary of Social Planning. economy Karl Kendrick Chua.

The order adopts as a national policy the implementation of measures to address the root causes of the growing number of young Filipina giving birth. As such, “the State must mobilize the existing coordination and legal mechanisms related to the prevention of teenage pregnancy. It also includes interventions for the prevention of teenage pregnancy such as comprehensive sexuality education, education and employment opportunities for young people, as well as health promotion through media and communication platforms.

It also calls for youth and community mobilization, as Sanggunian Kabataan units are also urged “to develop interventions and prevent all known causes of teenage pregnancy” while supporting teenage mothers.

The OE calls on the National Youth Council to “establish a forum for continuous dialogue between government and the youth sector on… appropriate planning and evaluation of policies, programs and projects affecting youth”.

For its part, Popcom is led by EO 141 “to continue to educate leaders, parents and other community members on evidence-based strategies to reduce, if not eliminate, teenage pregnancy and improve reproductive health. adolescent girls “.

“Popcom will consolidate in a global action plan for the prevention of teenage pregnancies the various initiatives of all government agencies and institutions,” said the OE.

As such, Popcom may appeal to any government department, office, office, agency or instrument for assistance, and must submit such a plan to the HDPR (Human Development and Poverty Reduction) ministerial group as per the requirements. chairman’s instructions.

Under Secretary for Population and Development Juan Antonio Perez III said the signing of OE 141 demonstrates the national government’s deep concern for the most vulnerable during this pandemic. They include minors who have had unplanned or unwanted pregnancies, which led to the most vulnerable single-parent families during the pandemic.

“Complementing President Duterte’s action, his signing of EO 141 will hopefully elicit a positive response from Congress and the Senate to address gaps in family planning and reproductive health services for minors who have become parents. or pregnant, “said the executive director of Popcom. .

Within the OE, Duterte also directs the Department of Budget and Management to “ensure that the national annual expenditure program includes initiatives for the prevention of teenage pregnancy as part of the (annual) budget priorities” and its corresponding budgetary directives ”, as well as support for the program’s convergence budgeting for these initiatives.

Aiming to ensure a “whole-of-government” approach in achieving the country’s demographic dividend, the OE states that “the cluster of the HDPR cabinet will ensure coordination between all government agencies and institutions, monitor the implementation of relevant interventions to all levels. , and ensure that these strategies are informed and supported by international best practices and evidence-based population data and analyzes. “

EO 141 also guides the financing of its implementation, “… subject to the provisions of the law on general annual credits and (law of the Republic 10354, or the law on responsible parenthood and reproductive health of 2012), the amount necessary … (to) be charged to the allocation for gender and development in the budgets of the agencies concerned and, where applicable, to sources to be identified by DBM, as needed. “

Among other things, the OE cites the provisions of Republic Law 10354, according to which the State recognizes and guarantees sexual and reproductive health as a human right of all people, as well as education and information about them. questions, as well as choice and decision-making.

EO 141 also mentions the prevention of teenage pregnancy as the key for all regions to achieve their demographic dividend, and “among the stated strategies and priority legislative agenda under the Philippines Development Plan 2017-2022” . He also said that strengthening youth participation in responsible sexual and reproductive health by reducing the incidence of teenage pregnancies, among others, is covered by the Philippines Youth Development Plan 2017-2022. (RP)


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