Prominent community leader Jon Jacobo accused of rape


Housing activist and Stanford student Sasha Perigo accused Jon Jacobo, a community leader, of rape this morning in a tweet with an attachment seven page document, detailing April 4 incident. The account includes tweets, test evidence, and a police report.

“I was raped by a man whom I considered a close friend,” wrote Sasha Perigo. “This man was Jon Jacobo.”

Jacobo, who has grown in importance as the chair of the Latino Task Force’s health committee, works for the TODCO Group, non-profit housing. He has not responded to our calls and has yet to issue a statement on Perigo’s allegations.

Perigo, 26, said in a phone interview this morning that she originally had no plans to come forward, but found out about Jacobo’s troubling behavior with other women this summer. A few days ago, Perigo said he learned of another “malicious” incident involving Jacobo. She declined to share details of the incident.

In an effort to protect other women, but also to secure a shutdown for herself, she decided to share her account of what happened in April.

“I am not a private person. I’m a writer, I have this social media platform – I’m like an over-sharper, if anything, and having to sit down and keep that quiet was just eating me up, and I had the I felt like it was betraying me, ”Perigo told Mission. Local.

“I have kept this a secret from a lot of people in my life because Jon is such a political figure,” Perigo said, adding that she continued to meet Jacobo through mutual connections in the housing activist community. She mentioned that Jacobo even consulted at his mother’s workplace. “And I didn’t want this to turn into news without my consent. And I decided to step forward to take that weight off my shoulders and have control of the narrative.

Since April, Perigo has said she suffered from PTSD, saw a therapist three times a week, and took medical leave from a “prestigious contract” as a political advisor for a non-profit organization. lucrative, losing more than $ 30,000 in salary.

A person close to Jacobo, who requested anonymity until better informed, said Jacobo denied the charges earlier today.

Jon Jacobo. February 1, 2021. Photo by Lydia Chavez.

The eight members of the Latino Task Force’s executive committee, which does not include Jacobo, will meet and review the charges.

Perigo worked with Tenants together and was also co-chair of the homeless organizing committee with the Democratic Socialists of America. Perigo said today that she is taking one last course to finish her studies at Stanford University.

“He’s a great local person” in the housing business, said a source familiar with the scene. “She’s not crazy, she’s believable.”

Perigo and Jacobo met two years ago “through mutual friends in housing policy” and have become good friends, Perigo said. Perigo said she and Jacobo had previously had sex, but had ended it “explicitly” a few months before.

The incident, Perigo wrote, took place on the morning of Sunday, April 4, 2021 after she stayed with Jacobo. She made it clear the day before that she did not want to have sex, including in text messages before she arrived.

The two had been drinking that Saturday night and Perigo said Jacobo offered to let her stay the night. “Once again, I communicated before accepting his offer that I didn’t want to have sex,” Perigo wrote. “So I was confused when a few seconds later he violated my limits.”

It wasn’t until the next morning, however, that Perigo said that “the badger continued, more aggressively than the day before. He ignored my dozen of ours, took off my pants and raped me anyway.

Perigo said that with the encouragement of a friend, she went to the hospital, was examined and a police report was made. She told Mission Local that she did not plan to go ahead with a police investigation, but was happy to have more evidence than most victims of sexual assault.

We will update the story throughout the day.

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