Reward for service to the Lions Club will go to Cronin


(PHOTO: Cliona Cronin will receive the Rye Lions Club James A. and Marian M. Shea Community Service Award.)

The Rye City Lions Club will honor Cliona Cronin with the James A. and Marian M. Shea Community Service Award on Wednesday November 17 at Whitby Castle. The award was established in 2003 to recognize one or more individuals who live or work in the Rye community and have contributed to improving the lives of its citizens by providing volunteer services of an exceptional nature.

Cliona has been a resident of Rye for 16 years and her service to the community began as soon as she arrived. She has been an active volunteer for schools in Rye City including Milton School, Rye Middle School and Rye High School. One of the initiatives Cliona started was a Spirit Campaign to raise funds for the RHS PO by selling lawn signs congratulating high school graduates. This fundraiser has become an HRH tradition which raises over $ 10,000 each year.

One of Cliona’s most inspiring volunteering initiatives came after the Sandy Hook tragedy in December 2012. Cliona, always seeking to support those in need or in crisis, organized a team of over 100 Rye Moms to welcome 109 Moms to Sandy Hook for a healing day in May. of the following year. Although the community of Sandy Hook had many offers of support, Cliona’s plan was so perfectly aligned with the needs of this grieving community, that the moms of Sandy Hook accepted Cliona’s offer. This amazing day offered art, yoga, boot camp and Zumba classes, kayaking, paddle boarding, meditation, and walks along Oakland Beach and Rye Town Park. The day ended with a lovely lunch and a small memorial service, dedicating a bench in honor of the Sandy Hook families. The special relationship forged between mothers Rye and Sandy Hook continues to this day.

In 2020, when there was a critical shortage of masks after the start of the pandemic, Cliona, along with co-founder Kim Mulcahy, launched the Rye Mask Project. Cliona organized 200 volunteers to sew more than 12,500 masks, half of which went to hospitals and the rest to pantries and underserved people. Sales of the masks brought in over $ 15,000, which was then donated to Feeding Westchester.

More recently, Cliona has again mobilized for the benefit of the Rye community following Hurricane Ida. Cliona created the Laundry Fairies, a group of Rye Moms who provided free laundry service to those who lost their washers and dryers in the flooding, including those living in apartment buildings and condos where laundry rooms were flooded. Cliona was also part of the team that organized Rye Relief, creating a resource list, coordinating meals, volunteers and emergency supplies for those affected by the flooding.

Cliona’s dedication to helping those in need has benefited other organizations as well, including Carver Center’s Carver Market pantry and the Sharing Shelf, Westchester’s Clothing Bank for Children, where Cliona has been an active volunteer. . Cliona was also a team leader for the Avon 40 Mile Breast Cancer Walk and volunteered to support cancer patients through Soul Ryeders.

As her friend Mindy Grigg shared, “Cliona has a unique knack for focusing on the real needs of people in difficult or tragic situations, and she uses a plan of action that addresses those needs while engaging the community help …. She is simply an inspiring person, and so many residents of Rye have benefited from working alongside her in her philanthropic efforts.

Josh Nathan, who has known Cliona since she and her family moved to Rye, said, “Cliona is building a community. Her work strengthens the friendships and networks that people can rely on in good times and in bad times. She is remarkable and our Rye community is doing better for it.

Cliona is a school nurse at Fox Meadow Elementary School in Scarsdale, NY.

The Rye City Lions Club is honored to recognize Cliona Cronin with the 2021 James A. and Marian M. Shea Community Service Award. All proceeds from the event support the Rye City Lions Club’s mission to help meet needs. always growing in our society, with special emphasis on the blind or visually impaired. In the past, the Rye City Lions Club has donated to Guiding Eyes for the Blind; VISIONS services for the blind and visually impaired and the Rye Free Reading Room to purchase large print books and books on tape. In addition, the club provides financial assistance to the Rye YMCA Diabetes Prevention Program and Rye Recreation for their summer camp program.

The award was originally named the Rye City Lions Club’s James A. Shea Community Service Award in honor of James A. Shea, former club president and outstanding community citizen who served as chairman of the hall’s board of directors. free reading Rye. . With the unanimous approval of the Rye Lions Club members, the name was changed following the death of Club member Marian Shea, wife of the late James Shea. Marian was a tireless volunteer in the town of Rye and a past recipient of the award. She was known for her work with the Rye Senior Advocacy Group and “SPRYE” (Staying Put in Rye and Its Environs), a group helping the elderly to age in place. The award is now known as the James A. and Marian M. Shea Community Service Award.

Tickets for the event cost $ 125 per person. If you are interested, please contact Brian Jackson, President of the Rye City Lions Club [email protected] by November 10th. The Rye City Lions Club requires all participants to be vaccinated against Covid. You can Venmo @RyeCityLions or send a check payable to Rye City Lions Club, to: Rye City Lions Club, PO Box 354, Rye, NY 10580. The Rye City Lions Club is a 501 (c) (3) club non-profit organization.

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