Rio Rancho Announces New Community Center in Enchanted Hills

RIO RANCHO, NM — A new community center is in the works in a neighborhood of Rio Rancho that the city says is growing faster than it can keep up. That’s why they’re developing a new community center for all the people who flock to Enchanted Hills.

They call it “The Hub” and they hope it will be a place where people can exercise, relax, have meetings, etc.

“We are in the center of the Enchanted Hills. This will be the new community center, this will be brand new to the Enchanted Hills area. It will be something that has never been provided — services on the north end of Rio Rancho — since the city has been here,” Rio Rancho Councilman Bob Tyler said.

The project will cost just over $3 million, but the city says it saved a lot of money by remodeling an existing space.

“50% less than it would cost to build from scratch,” Tyler said.

The Hub is currently taking shape in an 11,000 square foot building on Enchanted Hills Plaza near several shops and restaurants.

“In doing so, it creates a great atmosphere for people, as far as the residents of the area are concerned,” Tyler said. “Really, what I’m most excited about is our library, because that’s going to be a great part of it all.”

The Hub will also include several pickleball courts.

“It will be our sports ground and our meeting room here. So the pickleball courts will be indoors, and I’ve already had many people in the community, not just in Rio Rancho, but Bernalillo and Albuquerque already wanting to plan pickleball courts, they can’t find enough pickleball courts,” Tyler said.

The city says people will be able to meet and work here too.

“So if the communities want – the community groups want to come and have meetings, we will have it. There will be office space, there will be staff hired here every day. So it’s gonna be awesome,” Tyler said.

There is still a lot of work to do before the Hub opens to the public. The city is aiming for spring 2023, so less than a year before it is operational.

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