SF Community Ambassador Program Expands to West Portal

(KRON) – The holiday shopping season has arrived. San Francisco city leaders are working to increase public safety by expanding the Community Ambassador program to the West Portal neighborhood.

“Some of you will recall that we made an announcement about increasing the number of ambassadors,” the Mayor of London Breed said. “The Ambassador Program has been extremely successful. We not only have people who work with Urban Alchemy or Downtown Ambassadors, but we also have retired police officers – a program I started a few years ago.

Retired San Francisco Police Sergeant Kelly Kruger, after 20 years on the force, is one such ex-cop who now serves in the ranks of Community Ambassadors.

“I was a psychiatric nurse before being a police officer. So in about four years, I had to do what’s called psychiatric liaison. It helps people who have been placed in involuntary psychiatric detention,” Kruger said.

Some people who work and shop at West Portal say they welcome the added security.

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“I can speak personally as a young woman who is in a store alone or with one or two other women, late at night, there is little I feel capable of doing to keep the store safe,” said Lillian Van Cleve. , manager of West Portal Book Store.

City of San Francisco officials said the Community Ambassadors will debut at West Portal over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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