Telegram Update for iOS Brings Download Manager, Live Streaming, and More

Telegram is one of the main communication platforms today. Considering it’s not exclusive to the Meta company, it’s an option for those who want nothing to do with Facebook, WhatsApp, and society. This social network has now received an update. The iOS app now brings new features, such as a download manager, live streaming, new attachment list, and more.

The description of the platform itself says that this update provides tools to help users manage downloads, quickly send documents, reorganize media albums, and even convert channels to TV channels.

If you are a Telegram user, you should know that the update that has just arrived brings you many good news.

What's new in Telegram 8.6?

download manager

  • Check the download status of your media files by clicking the new icon in the search bar.
  • View recently downloaded files using the new Downloads tab in Search.
  • Pause and resume unfinished downloads.

List of new attachments

  • Quickly select and send media files, documents and more from the redesigned attachment list.
  • Use the bottom bar to switch between attachment types.
  • When you select media files, click "Selected" at the top of the panel to view or rearrange them.
  • When downloading files, click the search icon to find the latest downloaded files.

Links to phone numbers

  • Share a direct link with your phone number to open a conversation with you instantly.
  • Use the full number in international format, for example

Telegram allows live streaming with other apps

Groups and channels support live video streaming with unlimited viewers. Professional bloggers and journalists use Telegram live streams to communicate with subscribers.

With this update, users can stream streaming tools like OBS Studio and XSplit Broadcast to easily add overlays and multi-screen layouts - turning any Telegram channel into a professional TV station.

In addition to these novelties, there are also some Android improvements, such as the interface. All information has been shared on the service page.

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