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HAMMOND, La., April 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — One of the primary goals of the Cura OS software platform is to solve electronic visit verification (EVV) issues for dispensing services and providers community home care. The Cura OS development team designed the platform to include built-in integration with statewide EVV systems, starting with that of Louisiana. As a result, Cura OS has now been approved as a third-party EVV provider in the state of Louisiana.

As vendors themselves, Cura OS developers know the struggle of electronic visit verification. Staff members frequently forget to clock out or are unable to clock in due to a forgotten password or system error. Other common issues arise when staff work overtime or miss a shift, which supervisors often don’t realize until after the fact.

The Cura OS platform enables vendors to reduce the number of erroneous clock entries, as well as the number of times staff exceed their maximum hours. Cura OS also helps suppliers quickly recognize when an employee hasn’t shown up for a shift and respond accordingly.

Cura OS includes a companion mobile app for iPhone and Android devices. For employees, the app simplifies the check-in and check-out process, allows them to track their hours worked and receive important reminders. Upon opening the app, each employee’s upcoming shift is automatically displayed, along with the ability to clock in and out with the touch of a button.

As soon as each caregiver clocks in, an automatic timer begins counting down the hours remaining in the current shift. Ten minutes before the end of the shift, the worker will receive a reminder to clock in at the end of the shift. If the employee has not clocked in within 5 minutes of the end of a shift, another automated reminder will be sent.

Office staff and supervisors can access a dynamic EVV tab in Cura OS to view a daily log of all scheduled shifts, as well as a dynamic list of employees who have checked in and out, which updates as real time.

As Bridgette Willson, a member of the development team, explained, “Cura OS is the lifeline that home and community care providers in Louisiana have been looking for. It’s the first all-in-one software suite centered on the person designed for suppliers We want to revolutionize the industry with Cura OS by enabling other suppliers to eliminate the chaos that characterizes traditional processes and choose a better and more productive way to manage the daily complexities of supply of true person-centered support.”

For more information on the Cura OS platform, visit or call (985) 277-5520.

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