The 8 best Slack games and fun apps for remote teams


In recent years, the rise of remote and hybrid working models has forced organizations to find communication and collaboration solutions.

Slack is one of the business communication platforms that was up to the challenge. However, staring at your screen all day during work hours without social activities can take a toll on your productivity.

Didn’t we say Slack was up to the challenge? Here are some fun integrations for your distributed teams:

Screenshot of the Tic-Tac-Toe Slack app

You probably played this game back then with pen and paper, and now you can do it digitally through Slack in your workplace. Just be careful because you can easily spend a whole day playing this game, especially since sessions are not subject to time limits.

To start playing, you’ll need to install the game from your Slack app directory. You can swipe to a channel of your choice and press / tt to fill in the table. Then you can tag any of your coworkers on the channel using the @mention command to start playing.

The rules of the game are simple. Each participant takes turns placing an “x” or “o” on the board until one person gets the same three letters in a column, row or diagonal.

Screenshot of the codename in Slack

Here’s another timeless classic you’ll enjoy playing with your coworkers on Slack. All you need to do is install the game from the Slack apps directory, then type / code names to launch the game and start playing. Immerse yourself in the action if you know the rules of the game.

After running the game in a channel, you will need to have at least two players joining the red and blue teams, then press the button Start game button. If you are not familiar with the game, you can quickly learn how to play it.

Screenshot of the Donut app on Slack

We bet you missed those random conversations around the water cooler. These spontaneous social activities have helped you get to know your colleagues better and improve collaboration.

So if you are wondering how to make a virtual water fountain in your workplace, you can do it right here on Slack with Donut. Just add it to your Slack workspace, and it will invite members and break the ice with conversation starters. This tool can match people from different departments to make sure everyone has the opportunity to communicate with each other.

Donut can also help introduce new hires to on-board colleagues to ease the transition.

Screenshot of Icebreakers on Slack

Answering questions about Slack icebreaker is an effective and fun way to get to know your colleagues better and welcome new hires. But you don’t have to stress to come up with questions on your own. You can simply install Icebreakers in your Slack workspace, add it to a channel, and it’ll generate fun questions for you and your coworkers to answer.

To add to the fun and make it more competitive, you can award points for creative answers, depending on the difficulty of the questions. It is not just for entertainment purposes. Getting to know your coworkers will boost employee engagement and productivity.

Screenshot of the word of the hour on Slack

Are you a language lover? You can add the Word of the Hour to your Slack workspace to expand your vocabulary with your colleagues. This Slack app generates a new word every hour and translates it into multiple languages, including German, Italian, French, and Spanish.

After installing Word of the Hour, you can use the following commands to start:

  • / getword to display the word of the hour
  • / getword help to show you all the commands
  • / getword to display the word of the hour in the specified language
  • / getword channel to send the current word to a channel

You might find this Slack app useful for your next vacation abroad.

Screenshot of BirthdayBot on Slack

Celebrating your coworkers on their birthday is a great way to show them how much you appreciate them, and it allows you to share a positive experience or cherish a memory you had with them. The problem is, you might not always remember everyone’s birthday.

You can add BirthdayBot to your Slack workspace to let everyone know about upcoming birthdays. To get started, add BirthdayBot to your workspace and create a channel where you want to wish your coworkers a happy birthday. If there are too many people in your workspace, you can create separate channels for different departments.

People who prefer to keep their birthday private can unsubscribe at any time.

Screenshot of ChessBot on Slack

Chess is one of the oldest and most popular games. These beloved checkerboards bring people from different cultures and backgrounds together for a fun and intense intellectual challenge.

You can use ChessBot in Slack for good mental training and challenge. Once you’ve installed ChessBot and challenged a colleague, it will present a game board once your invite is accepted.

Move the coins when ChessBot announces your turn until there is a winner, or perform your moves whenever you have a short break and get back to work. ChessBot also provides you with computer analysis at the end of the game to learn from your mistakes and improve your game strategy.

Screenshot of Giphy on Slack

If you are looking for a tool to make your internal communication more fun, you can’t go wrong with Giphy. This integration gives you access to a huge pool of animated GIFs to express yourself in a more entertaining way.

After installing Giphy in your workspace, you can adjust its integration settings based on audience to determine what type of GIF you can post. From there you can type / giphy , and you will get a corresponding GIF. For example, / dog giphy to display a dog GIF. You can also mix for more options.

Boost team cohesion and productivity with these Slack apps

Working from home can be stressful and can make you feel lonely. Creating a virtual water fountain and playing games is an effective way to help your remote teams bond and relax.

Fortunately, Slack is not just a digital internal communication tool. Entering a few commands gives you access to fun integrations that can help you take a relaxing break, get to know your coworkers better, and increase your productivity.

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