The Delta Record | The Commission presented the report Corrections, Home Confinement

BUCKHANNON — On Thursday, the Upshur County Commission heard presentations on the Upshur County Corrections and Upshur County Home Stay Reports for the year 2021. The corrections report was announced by Cheyenne Troxell, director of the 26th Judicial Circuit Community Corrections Program. Troxell also presented the Upshur County Homestay Report on behalf of Homestay Supervisor Sargent Rodney Rolenson.

According to Troxell, “For the year 2021, Community Corrections saved Upshur County $1,042,200 in regional jail costs.” She explained that these savings are based on a six-month sentence for offenders, but many offenders in the program are serving sentences longer than six months. In addition, Troxell said Community Corrections received 120 Upshur County discharges in 2021 and were broken down as follows: 71 from magistrates, four from probation, 11 from circuit court, one from parole and 33 other sources, such as the Ministry of Health. and Human Resources (DHHR). Troxell also informed the Upshur County Commission that the 26th Judicial Circuit Community Corrections also serves Lewis County. Between the two counties, the regional jail cost savings total $2,970,270.

In addition to the savings noted above, Troxell spoke of the benefits the community corrections program has on Upshur County. She said, “By reducing regional jail costs, reducing recidivism rates, carrying out community service projects and providing services to help with addictions, all benefit the county.” Troxell has shown great passion for community drug issues, explaining, “Our office strives to provide counseling and services to offenders, in hopes of becoming substance-free productive members of society. » She also noted that anyone, not just offenders, can seek treatment and services from her office.

Troxell then presented the Upshur County home confinement with documentation submitted by home confinement supervisor Sargent Rodney Rolensen. She announced Upshur County saved $277,920 in regional jail costs through the 2021 stay-at-home program. This was based on a three-month sentence. Additionally, the program collected $66,759.10 in stay-at-home fees. Upshur County paid Scram $14,859.02 for GPS monitoring. According to the data presented, Troxell noted that it showed a profit of $51,900.08 for the year. It was also noted that Home Containment had a total of 64 referrals in 2021, of which 42 were successfully completed. Another 18 were violations, two fled and 13 remain housebound.

Troxell also reported that with community corrections, there are now no barriers to treatment and services. She reports that counseling services can be provided through telehealth and zoom meetings. In addition, transportation services are available for appointments. One thing Troxell was very excited about was that with the development of telehealth services, treatment and other services can be provided without barriers. She spoke about the fact that some people using their services may not have access to phones or computers and said community corrections offices have phones and tablets available. She also noted that in general, wait times for treatment and rehabilitation facilities can be as high as 30 days and that it has dropped significantly to just two or three days to have a unit or bed available for one person. . The 26th Judicial Circuit Community Corrections Center can be reached at (304) 472-9548 and/or through their Facebook page.

In addition to these submissions, the Upshur County Commission has approved the following; approval and signing of 2022 Review and Equalization Committee meeting minutes, review and approval of Upshur County Emergency Operations Plan Incident Schedule: Pandemic, approval and signing of the WV Certified Development Program (CDC) Participation Resolution for the Upshur County Development Authority, Upshur County Sheriff’s Department Volunteer Approval Devin Taylor, Effective January 28, 2022, Volunteer Approval of the Lewis-Upshur Animal Control Facility Christian Andrew Warner-Ford, correspondence from Kimbra Wachob, Deputy Director of the Upshur County Emergency Communications Center, requesting the employment of Brittany Reintegration as a telecommunication worker at full-time effective March 7, 2022 and correspondence from Carol Smith, Upshur County Clerk requesting employment of Lora Bragg as assistant full-time clerk effective March 7, 2022 pending ant the results of the background check.

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