Top 10 SMS Marketing Service Providers in India in 2021


Bulk SMS services allow businesses to reach a large customer base in seconds. Whether it’s startups trying to reach potential customers or an established business trying to expand overseas, mass messaging allows every type of business to strategically plan their communication. India has around 761 million smartphone users in India and is expected to reach 966 million users by 2023. Texting continues to be one of the inexpensive ways to reach your customers.

Considering these factors, which include maximum returns, customer service, powerful SMS APIs, scaling flexibility, transparent pricing, data security, and minimal downtime, here is a compiled list. of the Top 10 SMS Marketing Providers in India.

1. TextLocal

Textlocal helps over 225,000 businesses with their SMS marketing campaigns, customer service alerts and updates. We focus on efficiency and ease of use. The Textlocal platform is designed with this in mind, with a few useful extra extras like tracking, surveys, attachments, ticketing, analytics, and more. We’ve been helping businesses overcome communication gaps for over 13 years. Using its market-leading SaaS platform, Messenger enables businesses to instantly communicate with their customers by sending feature-rich text messages, such as SMS tickets, web pages, surveys, and more.
Since their acquisition by IMImobile in October 2014, a global mobile technology company, they have been able to expand their international presence and offer customers even more communication solutions, such as their multi-channel API platform that allows businesses to interact with their customers via digital technology. communication channels, all from a single platform.

2. Fast2SMS

Based in central India, Fast2SMS was launched in 2011 in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The SMS Gateway Provider caters to a mixed group of customers, such as individuals, developers, startups, and education industry players. It allows new users to test their services for free by providing credits for testing when they register.
Fast2SMS’s mission is to make the messaging industry simple and less expensive. The simple platform helps you send DLT, Promotional, Marketing, OTP and API SMS.

3.2 Factor offers simple and reliable HTTP APIs for sending Bulk SMS, Transactional SMS, Promotional SMS, OTP SMS for a variety of use cases etc. ). 2Factor is well known for its cloud mobile messaging through REST API calls. They deliver SMS campaigns to customers through enterprise grade APIs, OTP, and Voice Call. 2Factor has direct connectivity with telecom operators and provides an average SMS delivery time of 2-6 seconds.
2Factor offers distinctive features such as direct connectivity, failover management, SLA-based pricing, telecommunications compliance, and legal assistance.

4. Exotel

Exotel APIs at your service to customize your telephone system

Exotel is one of the largest cloud telephony companies in Southeast Asia. The aim is to help large companies to streamline and make their voice communication more efficient. Exotel’s business phone system eliminates the need to invest in hardware or maintenance. And this is one of the biggest problems with traditional systems like EPABX / PBX.
They eliminate some of the biggest problems with traditional systems like EPABX and PBX and allow businesses to use world-class APIs to create a reliable communication system.
It also provides SMS products through REST APIs. Businesses can use its services to send bulk SMS campaigns, appointment reminders, status updates, and survey forms. The implementation of its SMS API is billed according to the use by the company. Detailed reports on triggered messages are also provided by the SMS gateway provider.

5. Knowledge

From early stage cloud telephony launch to artificial intelligence based voice analysis and video communication platform, Knowlarity has come a long way. Nearly 6000+ organizations in 65 countries trust Knowlarity’s services to run their business. The company provides promotional and transactional SMS service to its customers, brands such as SMC Global, Hyundai, MG Motor and BharatPe.

6. Value first

ValueFirst Career in Digital Media 2021 |  Reflections

ValueFirst is a business communication platform company connecting businesses and consumers. They enable intelligent conversations across channels (Internet and telecommunications) via their communication platforms allowing approximately billions of interactions each month. They offer the following:
Communication as a Service (CPaaS) platform, cross-channel communication platform, and AI-powered conversation platform.
Value First helps a large and diverse clientele in BFSI, E-commerce, Retail, IT Software, Manufacturing, Internet, Automotive, Digital Payment, Education, Travel, Media, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Consumer and maintains strong relationships with operators global telecoms. .

7. InfoBip

Infobip is a world leader in omnichannel communication. They make a point of simplifying the way brands connect, engage and delight their customers on a global scale. The Programmable Communications Platform offers a suite of tools for advanced customer engagement and support, as well as security and authentication. Infobip makes this available to you on the widest range of communication channels possible.
They help businesses and developers intelligently create, coordinate and orchestrate all engagement activities across their customer lifecycle and provide a single programmable interface within a scalable and easy-to-use communications platform. use.

8. GupShup

Gupshup - Assets

Gupshup enables better customer engagement through conversational messaging. Gupshup is the leading conversational messaging platform, feeding over 6 billion messages per month. Across all verticals, thousands of companies large and small in emerging markets use Gupshup to create conversational experiences in marketing, sales, and support. Gupshup’s carrier-class platform provides a single messaging API for over 30 channels, a rich conversational experience building toolkit for any use case, and a network of emerging market partnerships across the channels messengers, device manufacturers, independent software vendors and operators. With Gupshup, businesses have made conversations an integral part of their successful customer engagement.

9. Bulk SMS gateway

Bulksmsgateway is the leading bulk SMS service provider in India. The Web SMS service is a complete bulk SMS solution designed for a small, medium or large business. Operating with a team of 50 members, Bulk SMS Service has integrated over the years major areas in Convergence Media, Mobile Marketing and Bulk SMS with its various products and services which are already used by some of the largest companies. from southern India.
They have clients in all of the metropolitan cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad; their SMS Resellers service helps people start their own businesses with minimal investment. Bulk SMS service provides unlimited sender IDs to send SMS, their MDN filtering SMS gateways allow you to send advertising SMS with ethical marketing means.

10. SMS Horizon

SMSHorizon Gateway Review - Features |  Services |  Price |  API Doc - GatewayAdvice

SMS Horizon operates under “Horizon Technologies”, a digital marketing company located in the heart of the city of Salem, Tamilnadu, India. SMS Horizon is a one-stop solution that meets messaging needs, whether you want to advertise at low cost or your goal is to reach large audiences. The platform has web interface, Excel plug-in utility, API integration and other protocols like SMPP, HTTP and XML. Whether it’s Bulk SMS for Marketing (or) Group SMS (or) Transactional SMS, they have the industry’s most user-friendly interface integrated with their cutting-edge modern technologies to meet your needs. your needs.
SMS Horizon’s SMS APIs are easy to integrate into any application, no matter what platform you are using. Importantly, there are no installation fees for the API or for anything other than the SMS you consume.

SMS marketing services will help you better understand your target audience and give you the ability to reach them anywhere, anytime. When choosing your SMS provider, consider the following factors: return on investment, customer service, access to SMS APIs, flexibility to scale, pricing, data security and minimal downtime.

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