WhatsApp fixes annoying permanent notifications bug – Research Snipers

WhatsApp beta users will now be able to delete chats and conversations again, as the notification that was blocked is already fixed in version

As always keeping track of WaBetaInfo friends today, we bring you the latest novelty that has just arrived on the most popular messaging service in the world and is already available from beta versions for all platforms.

This is a small improvement although actually quite significant since the latest unstable versions of WhatsApp were reported. a very annoying bug in the process of deleting chats and conversations, making this task virtually impossible to accomplish.

WhatsApp is the most popular online communication platform on the planet. Not in vain, chat delete functionality was maintained, but as shown in the screenshot below WhatsApp showed an absolutely useless notification, which was frozen at 100% and could not be deleted, moved, or deleted until the app or even the device itself was restarted.

This is how the “permanent” notification was displayed, at 100% but frozen forever. The latest (and worrying) idea from the European Commission proposes to scan most of your WhatsApp chats. This notification was therefore “permanent”, getting stuck in the curtain making it difficult to clean up our timeline of already stale group chats and conversations within WhatsApp.

Luckily this time the devs at Menlo park were quick as less than a week after it was reported this bug has been fixed in a new beta version which is now available for test users allowing ‘After installing it, they can delete their chats again and clean up their chat lists in WhatsApp without much more hassle.

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