Wichita Falls PD receives new vests thanks to community donations


WICHITA FALLS (KFDX / KJTL) – Patrol officers in the Wichita Falls PD are receiving new equipment thanks to generous community members.

They gave dozens of officers bulletproof vests for rifles valued at over $ 200,000.

Since the city can’t always budget for premium equipment like this, Police Chief Manuel Borrego said he is proud to be part of a community that supports his law enforcement.

Currently, patrol officers from the Wichita Falls Police Department have vests that protect them from handgun bullets. But with the help of the nonprofit Shield 616, 105 officers will also be protected from rifles.

“We really needed protection from rifle fire so that our officers could get in there and protect our citizens who are being shot and killed by someone who can be a bit disturbed with a rifle,” he said. Borrego said.

The Dillard Family Foundation, the Bridwell Foundation and the Hundred Club of Wichita Falls have raised $ 270,000 to purchase equipment for these agents. Equipment that would be difficult to budget for the city.

“We see what law enforcement is going through these days. We see this as our opportunity to come alongside to provide support, appreciation and prayer for the individual officers for the community you serve, ”said The Hundred of Wichita Falls President Tim Short.

“It’s a lot of

The vests won’t stop with these officers.

“Our goal is to do the whole police service, down to the chief. We were able to do the patrolling division, the men and women that we see there in the police cars, but we still have a lot more officers who could benefit from this equipment. So we’re going to continue the fundraising effort and eventually we’ll get to the point where we can give the boss his and get the whole department done, ”said Jeff Skidstaf, president and founder of Shield 616.

Provide officers with equipment that will benefit their lives and those of those they will save in the future.

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