Work trends necessary for business resilience and continuity


Business continuity has been at the center of the concerns of leaders who have traversed the unprecedented nature of the past 18 months. As the state of the pandemic continues to evolve, being up to date with the latest trends in the workplace can help businesses ensure they remain innovative and agile.

A recurring theme is having the modern tools needed to operate effectively, especially with a distributed workforce. Because many teams work in different locations, and even in different time zones, having the right technology is essential to make the workday run seamlessly.

These tools should include work processing and presentation programs, virtual communication platforms that make it easier to organize and participate in meetings, as well as organization and collaboration applications to enable teams to work together and deliver. accounts.

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Another emerging trend is the idea of ​​how we communicate in the workplace. While attending a Zoom meeting can be effective, it can often be repetitive and hamper workflow.

This is why keeping team members up to date with asynchronism and organizational tools allows each worker to show the progress of their work, while maintaining their productivity.

Finally, how success is measured must also be addressed. While the number of hours worked and the words typed could once indicate work progress, the measure of success is now more nuanced.

Instead, setting short-term, achievable goals can help team members achieve larger goals, while also helping them understand where bottlenecks can be in the regular work process.

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